"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Adios Amigos!

I'm off for a while. I can't say that I'm sad about it! Just til Tuesday.
Probably will show off my vocal stylings (please, I can't sing) Friday for karaoke.
It's a great thing to do when you drink, as long as everyone listening, is drinking too!
My pick is 'Bitch' by Meredith Brooks...its my karaoke song! Its just about all I do! or, Fiona Apple 'criminal'. I might try Britney's Stronger, though I really cant sing that at all!

Saturday we may go out to an old hangout. They have free beer for girls til 11, and I love me some beer! And free? BONUS! They have bands too, and there is one called La Flava, they play dance music, yea, a band does! They are really good too! I hope they will be there, memoriessss.
Right after my divorce, I met a guy there, that I went to high school with but never talked to. He also went to another school I went to when I was young, and I moved away (were talking 4th grade) We went to vocational school so all the area schools could go there, thats why we ended up at the same school again, anyhoooo---> I had the BIGGEST crush on him, so of course, I told him in my drunken stupor! I made my mom take pictures of the shepards in our school play so I could have a picture of him lol! (I fittingly, was an angel in that play)
I did get a kiss out of it but thats it. I did have a boyfriend at the time...But I'm not a hoe! We just met! lol!

This is just some junk for while I'm gone.....Feel free to answer!

If you could only have 1 part of your body massaged each day what would you choose?

If you could have one appliance attached to your bed, what would it be?
I would love to have a toilet in my bed. push a button the bed opens, you pee, youre done. I hate waking up to pee all the time! If anyone has invented this, I wanna know!

If you could ruin one persons reputation, who's would it be and how would you do it?
Well, seeing how the only people I dont like in my life are my exes, and most of them pretty much ruined their own reputations by being assholes, or fathering a billion children, whoops, anyways...I would ruin those we dont speak of's reputation, and I did try to do it by scrawling his name and phone number in a dive bar right after we broke up. LOL! I dont think many people would call a guy, who has next to his name, *** is a fucker....so I don't think that worked.
I would try harder next time, by getting everyone to switch to verizon. And people should get that wink wink, nod nod!!!!!!!!!!! Get 'em where it HURTS!

If you could change places with one of your friends who would you choose to be?
Kat, no doubt.

If you could change one thing about the way you were disciplined as a child, what would you alter?
Nothing. I use to say I was abused, but I wasn't. I got smacked when I deserved it, and I wasn't a bad kid, and I'm a great adult. So, now, everyone go out and smack your kids! lol!
Oh, wait, my mom DID use to take my phone to work with her, when I was grounded so I couldnt talk on it. I'd change that one!

If you had to eat the cooking of one person you personally know for life, who would you choose?
Momma! Where's my smashed taters momma?

If you were to confess how many people you have been in love with what would you say?
Big Fat 0! I don't think I have really been in love. I've never been truely, 100% happy in any relationship. Drama, cheating, abuse, is NOT love....
But, I've thought I was in love, 6 times ok?

I'll Post again next week, until then, hang on my every word! lol!


Rachel said...

1. back. it's always sore.
2. an ejector to throw me out of bed in the morning.
3. w. bush
4. no one. i love my life.
5. no physical punishment.
6. my husband. wait! I do already.
7. 2--my first boyfriend, and my husband.

Mon said...

Lucky that your husband is a great cook!!!