"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, June 24, 2005

The inventors hall of fame, and stuff....

Our laugh for the day is brought to you by my good friend. These, are really her dads slippers. And, yes, those are bungees!!!! We are going to try to get him into the inventors hall of fame. I always knew he was the person to go to when you needed something rare, this proves, his handiness, is off the chain!! If enough people show interest, maybe he can market them. I'll only require a 5% fee for posting them. I'd love to be 5% of a millionaire, any day!!!

There isn't much going on in my life today so far. I don't have any prospects on the man front for the wknd. Bubba and I thought we should get a stripper for tomorrow night. But, we are broke. Plus, who wants to look at cake when you can't eat it? NOT ME NOT ME NOT ME!!!!

I bought myself the cutest Hello Kitty Shower Hooks yesterday! My bathroom, is Hello Kitty! I love it, another perk to being single!!

I made it to running up and down the steps 30 times. 30 times up 30 times down. I know it may not seem like much, but i sit on my butt or sleep for 21 hours in the day!! It really is hard to sit all day! I don't want to get a saggy butt and cellulite! Which brings up the show "30 days"
Last night they did all this anti-aging stuff to this man. Not the skin, from the inside out. He only did it for 30 days. He ended up with a low sperm count, and liver abnormalities from the human growth hormone, supplements (he took like 40 a day) and the testosterone.

The observation I made out of the whole thing, is that his wife was a super bitch, and he was cute, and sweet. Can't a normal girl find someone? I'm not crazy! I'm not a bitch! I'm not jealous! I have a life! I have a nice car! I work! I have friends! I have a kick ass apartment! I can fix a clogged sink! I can lift 8lbs! I laugh at just about anything! (Besides Napolean Dynamite, I just dont get that movie!!)I like to be silly! I can be serious! I have all my original parts! (but I aspire to have some work one day)I love animals!

It seems like all the bitchy controlling women have the good men! WTF? I vow to not complain about being single, because I really love the freedom, and some day, I will miss it when I'm tied town!

I'm sure I'll have a fun trip to get alchohol on my lunch break if nothing else. If I'm feeling really crazy, maybe I can spike the water cooler at work....kiddingggg kidding! I wouldn't waste good alchohol on random people! If anyone drinks it, I'm drinking it!!!!

Last night at work, work guy sat by us. He told me that he isn't sitting by me and Bubba again, cus we are loud, and he couldn't stop staring at me....Ok I'm trying not to enjoy that someone likes my company and looking at me.....I'm trying. When we left he walked us out and he told me that he would miss talking to me. I admitted I missed talking to him the other night, but he doesn't get off work til 12 and I'm in bed usually at 12. He is going back to his girlfriends to get his stuff and have the talk I guess. I feel bad, cus I know how bad it sucks to leave. UGH!
So I gave him a hug, and it felt nice! Hugs are nice! I'm trying to just keep it at this level. On my end, not to willy nilly throw caution to the wind, cus that isn't me.

Bubba used a big word today. "condensation" We wont mention "oblivious" but those who know, know! lol! Good for you! Today, use "condensation" again!

This one is for Tayray: "It's cold out today, the sun is so dispising" (deceiving Tayray...deceiving!)

Until I come up with something more clever to say....

Today's Question:

If you were to describe your first kiss, what would you say?

First, I feel old, because I had to sit here and think about who was the first boy I kissed!
That should pop right into your head for sure! Without consulting my journal (which I am sure at the time, I wrote about how fabulous it was) I remember it was my first 'boyfriend'. His initials are MH. Mom had to give us the butterfly in a jar speach, because we were SO in LOVE!!! I was 12. He was, um, younger, by um, a few years! lol!!! But nonetheless, we were in LOVE. I just remember it was outside my house on the porch, and I am pretty sure my friend was there to witness it. It must have been good because we were together off and on for a couple of years. I said it was LOVE didn't I? Our song was 'When I see you Smile' By Bad English! LOL!
I still think about him when I hear it.

I got this in an email, so I'm posting it, its great for a Friday!

Some people are like Slinkies. They're really good for nothing. But they
still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.


Heatherkins said...

I crunk up in the club, i'm off the chain G GGG UNIT! These are my words for the day. It's Friday!! My First Kiss...Was to a boy that smelled like cat. It wasnt even a "french" kiss. I was 16 already! And it was in the middle of the mall. VERY UNROMANTIC. but Unforgetable.
I dunno what I was thinking with that guy.
~ Bubba

Anonymous said...

Can't remember my very first kiss because I was in love with every boy I met since I learned to walk. Could have been with Harold, the guy my sister married. We were playing post office at a party and went into a room and closed the door. The kids all teased us when we came out. But I will never forget the kiss from John Heller when we were playing hide and seek. Ahhhh those were the days.. innocent love..

Anonymous said...

Sorry but Martha Stewart has him beat on the slipper thing. She made some out of pads you have left because menopause happened upon you and you don't need them anymore. They even had WINGS..