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Friday, October 31, 2008

Not So New Girl Pushes My Buttons...

I had a one on one with my boss yesterday. She said what I've said before. One day I'll thank new girl for testing my limits, it's helping me with my supervisory skillz for sure. New girl has been listening to headphones for a while. I never said anything, because we havn't been busy. I also can't hear her phone ringing. It was brought to my attention that she hadn't been answering her phone, and not only was she listening to headphones, she was watching TV on the internet at work and not working. What's worse, is the person who caught her watching TV was my boss.

So, I have a chat with not so new girl, and tell her that during this economic time, we want to be as irreplaceable as we can be. Step up and ask for more work if we're not busy, don't appear to not be working, we are lucky to have jobs, let's be helpful to other departments that need it. In order to do this we shouldn't listen to headphones. You know big pep talk. Not even 2 hours later...Not so new girl is at her desk on her head phones. Other coworker is ticked, cus if she can do it why can't I. You know how that goes.

So, I have yet another chat with not so new girl. She seems outraged. Whaaaaat? No headphones? As if it's the first time I said it. Logic would tell you, if 90% of your job is answering your VP's phone calls, you shouldn't wear headphones. Especially if you know you aren't doing 90% of your job.

Cut to a week later. This week to be exact. My boss stops thru the department and is chatting with us. She goes to leave, and not so new girl says to her in front of the department "we sure miss listening to headphones" boss said "what?" and I said "she's talking about headphones" and my boss walked away. She would later tell me in our one on one, that not so new girl is lucky she walked away. Not so new girl is not so smart. If your boss said you're doing something wrong and asked you not to do it...would you go to their boss and complain that you can't do something wrong? Seriously? I don't know if it's age? (she's like 27 I think) Or, just immaturity. I think a lot of things are common sense, but I also have to remember she isnt' me. (you know, like I shouldn't have to tell you your job can't be planning your wedding at work, do that on your lunch hour)

Especially after we just had a meeting saying we aren't sure about the immediate future of our jobs. The company will be OK, but we just don't know whats gonna happen right now, you know, like all companies. If I heard that I wouldn't be sitting up at my desk watching TV all day, not doing what little work I am expected to do. They have a lot of freedom, I don't yell at them for being late, I let them make up time if they need to for appointments, and I'm super cool. What else do they want? Gawd.

For Halloweener, I decided I'm gonna be a cat lady. Not as in "catwoman" meeeee-oooowww rawrrrr. As in a lady with many cats. You know, just like me in real life! I got the idea from Suzi. Only, I'm not going for quite the same look. I also have this doll, who I am modeling after, that my sister's ex boyfriend got for me. I still have to make an "I heart cats" tshirt, but I have some "TY" stuffed cats that I use to collect. I took their clothes off and sewed them to my bathrobe. I also have a Fur Real cat that I'm gonna carry around.

What are you gonna dress up as?

Edit: my costume landed me in the semi finals at work. The prize is a gift certificate to the employee store!!


babylamb said...

Wow! I would have fired her by now. I think it's time to write her up with no more worries. There are a lot of qualified people looking for jobs and she doesn't realize and lucky she's got it.

I hope you post some picturs of your catwomens costume. I love the idea.

Suzi said...

Photos! NEEEED PHOTOS! I can't wait to see. I'm going to wear my costume again tonight, when I greet the trick-or-treaters.

Maxie said...

what an awesome costume idea. I'd totally rock it if I had a fake cat!

musicformathematicians said...

seriously. that girl needs to go. that isn't age. that isn't immaturity. that is stupidity, pure and simple. i don't actually know what you do, but if you are responsible for talking to her about her various indiscretions... well, damn! can you fire her? and recommend she not be replaced? you could look like a cost-cutting hero and, judging by what you're saying here, having someone sitting at her desk is not working out in such a fiscally rewarding way, company-wise. just sayin'...

i love your cat-lady costume idea! and i want to see photos too!i didn't know what a fur real cat was, but thanks for the link. now i want one too!!

happy halloween!

Damsel Underdressed said...

Do you have the authority to can her ass? If so, I would. We have a high school junior working as our receptionist who is ten times more efficient than Not So New Girl.

I love the costume idea! I hope you will post pictures! And do let us know if you won.

Heather said...

Where can I get a doll like that! (Because I'm a crazy cat lady too. I have four.)

Samantha said...

Wow, that girl is dumb. I wish I could listen to headphones at work, might drown out the sound of my thoughts shouting 'this job sucks!' :)

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

I agree with everyone, I'dve fired her. Or at least written her up so many times that my boss would fire her (sneaky, eh?).

Pics of costume? Please?

BTW, did you like my "Boris" post for halloween? For some reason you still haven't commented... :)