"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tiptoe Thru The Tulips...

So, I heard this story on the news where a woman shoots herself cus her house is being foreclosed on, and how that is the state of the world today. Yea, it sucks to have your house taken away. Shit happens. But I don't feel bad for anyone at all. My ex husband decided one day he didn't want to be married anymore, and left me high and dry with all of our bills, making $8 an hour. Did I try to kill myself? No. No one wanted to help me keep my house. I also lost my job. And my car. And had a cat put to sleep. And filed bankruptcy. Then found out the ex knocked up the bitch he cheated on me with. Stop me if you've heard this one..... So you see, I have no sympathy. I had my own crises, which I still pay for on my credit report 10 years later. And spent years gaining back my self respect.

The world today is filled with big fat wussies, and I'm sick of it. Grow up and be responsible. When I couldn't afford to live on my own, I worked two jobs for three years. I sure didn't love it, but that's what you do. You act responsible. Don't expect me to bail you out. Oh wait, it's not up to me. Speaking of the world today, I'm so proud this is my alma mater.

On a lighter note I had a fantastic weekend. I worked out after work (no one saw me naked! score!) Friday, showered, packed, and went to see my guy in the city. We attended a party I think in Olmsted Falls or North Olmsted, which was pretty quiet, and someone called the cops. What a lame-o town that is. You also couldn't park on the street after 2 am. At said party I fed their dog about 10 peices of sliced cheese, because she loved it and I'm a huge sucker for a cute face. She was so high off that cheese she spit out about 10 tortilla chips, cus she wanted the good shit. My kinda dog!

I also talked one of the boy's friends out of these sweet-ass boot glasses. I use to have one at my Dad's house, if you drink out of it just right, you get a pretty sweet sound, and kool aid in your face. Totally flippin awesome. I tried to make up some story as to why I wanted them, but I'm not a great liar, and he wasn't buying it. Eventually he gave in and said I could have them. He was pertty drunk too. We drank labatt's (cringe) cus it was a keg (a.k.a free). And, I contributed to a two time win at beer pong with the manfriend. I actually made some shots, I do me proud.

Saturday I trucked it home, because my dog doesn't eat when I'm not around. It's sad, because she is almost 13, and I feel horribly guilty leaving her for 1 night, let alone two. I showered, pet the cats, fed the dog, turned around and went back out to the boy's house. We went to his Dad's for a clam bake (barf) and football (double barf) but I managed to have fun anyway. Luckily my manfriend isn't a super sports freak, and can casually watch something and not get all worked up about it. Reason 567,459,215 that I heart him. We had yummy brandy and cider, chicken, corn on the cob, and baked sweet potato. (No clams for me k, thx). I also thought I would give him a run for his money at pool when I accidentally got like 3 balls in. But that's a laugh. I even tried distracting him by fondling his rump. No go. He kicked my ass.

Sunday we got up and made a trip to Home Depot to repot his ferns. Which I did for him while he made us a scrumptious breakfast. Have I mentioned how the manfriend is impossibly handy, and a good cook? Yea. Oh, and he's also a medic, and he takes pretty good care of my injuries, to which I sustained another when I stepped on a freaking plug this weekend. Ow. He also has a big heart. Shut me up. We went to his Momma's for his birthday. He spent time taking apart his Moms computer and putting the power supply from one into the other. I told you he's handy. We had pizza and cake, and I wanted to puke I was so full.

I also got presents, she gave me stuff from the Peppridge Farm store, cinnamon bread and donuts, and she gave me some movies she burned, and sent me home w/leftover pizza and cake too. Is that pretty cute or what? After spending 3 days and 2 nights with my guy, of course I cried on the way home. It sucks leaving him. I wanna cry thinking about it now. It's not a desperate feeling, like I can't go on without him.

It's just that I know I wont see him for a few days, and it's so incredibly hard! I love the feeling of him close to me when we are sleeping, especially when I have a bad dream, wake up and can go right back to sleep because he is with me. I havn't felt that "safe" feeling since I can even remember.

I'm pretty taken with this one. I deserve it.


Erin said...

You do deserve it! He is an awesome guy it sounds like!

Back to the first part of the story, and I hate to say it - because I know how you hate to hear it - but you would feel differently if you had children. I'm not saying that it is right that they bail out people who are being foreclosed upon, but I can see the point in it. People were duped pretty badly when it came to those types of mortgages and I think that they found many illegal dealings with it. Again, not to say it is right, and I as a renter am pretty pissed that no one is bailing me out of my rental payments, but too many people are going homeless with children and families. I know I wouldn't be able to work 2 jobs unless one was from home, and I know a lot of families with 2,3 and 4 kids would never be able to work 2 or 3 jobs because no one would be home with the kids.

I'm just saying, that it is a little different then being single and supporting yourself - although I take nothing away from what you did, I'm just saying that it is different.

Heather said...

People like that woman, I do feel sorry for. However! I am in the process (fingers crossed) of buying a foreclosed home. I don't feel sorry for the original owners because it's one of those M.I. Homes and people who bought those with the balloon interests should have known better. Honestly. And! I've literally lived in my freakin' car and worked my way out of it.

I agree. You deserve your man. I have to know. Was it at least Ohio State football?

Anonymous said...

I don't normally feel sorry for people, but this woman was 90 years old. In this case, she is not going to go out and get a second job let alone one job to make ends meet. I'm sure she didn't plan or budget her retirement well which is why she needed to get the loan. She knew only her home and she had been there for 40 years and I'm sure didn't want to lose it. No one would. Everyone has different experiences in life and I think you can't really say what you would do in their shoes because you don't have the same life experiences they do.

Anyway, thats my 2 cents.

Mon said...

yea, probably, i hear you do all sorts of crazy things for your kids. Thats why Im not cut out to be a mother, im far too selfish!!

sorry...it was notre dame...But i didnt care about it so you cant fault me. lol.

no doubt. I was using this as an example. I obv know things happen to good people, but they also happen to not be my problem. Which is the gist of what I'm saying. I have been thru my worst of times, no one else paid for it, and I don't want to pay for everyone elses.

merider (M.E.-rider) said...

Actually, the woman who shot herself and attempted to burn down her house was 53 years old and not 90 years of age: http://www.sgvtribune.com/news/ci_10717640
I'm assuming that's the woman you referenced. Anyway, as sad as I feel for her, I'm in agreement with you (mon) and enjoyed your recent entry. Life is more than a house. Just think of all the folks out here in So Cal who just lost not only their homes to the fires, but everything in those homes. I doubt they are all going to kill themselves.