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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Egg's Have it...

It snowed on my way to work. Sleeted. Snowed. The white stuff. Brrr. I was forced to turn on my heat last night at 11pm. I was holding out til November. I had on the space heater and it was freezing.

So I took my egg boiling question very seriously. I boiled eggs, all of the suggested ways. And you know what the result was? Who had the best egg idea?

The truth is, that in my two dozen egg experiment, all the eggs turned out perfectly. They all work. I'm not saying that to float everyone's boat. I think the trick here is....paying attention. No matter what I always walk away and leave the eggs. Ill leave them boil too long, or forget how long they are boiling, not put them in cold water or leave them too long in the hot.

I'm too impatient for egg boiling. Because this whole experiment was a pain. While they all worked, I liked the method of putting them on the stove and bringing to a boil. The eggs were fresh though (damsel) suprisingly, because I'm usually the one eating 3 month old eggs. Did you know you could do that and not die? Totally!

I may have reached a new level of exhaustion. I only worked out once yesterday too. I've decided that since I start boot camp on Friday, I'm taking it easy. It's also the week before my monthly gift arrives, so when I weigh in, it'll give me an advantage for losing weight. Muh ah ah

I had dinner at my Momma's yesterday. And we went to the game room. She's a bad influence.


Allison M. said...

It was hailing last night around 9 p.m. I was amazed.

So@24 said...

There is so much love for eggs in this post.

Also. I miss snow. You don't know what it's like living in LA

Momma said...

I know what it's like living in the south 24, WONDERFUL..not to have this crap. As for the eggs Monica,, why didn't you ask the mamma? I used to cook in the retirement home and oh yeah,, raised three kids.. bring the eggs to a full boil, turn off heat, cover for 10 minutes and then drain and cover with ice cubes.

Damsel Underdressed said...

Hahahaha...Hope you really like eating those eggs. ;) You could always make egg salad...

I think that the reason for not using really fresh eggs is for the ease of peeling the shell, that's all.

But anyway, yeah, you figured it out. You just can't walk away from them.

Fizzgig said...

snow on the ground today. uh, not ready.

id miss the snow too. I like the change, id not like it to be warm all the time, its nice to snuggle up by a fire and drink hot chocolate!

cus moms are never right. jussssst kidding.

itll last me about a week honestly. I've been having 3-4 a day. I'll probably develop a cholesterol problem next.