"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Numbers aren't lucky to me.....

Who doesn't like a nice cat picture? That's Fizzgig, using Fozzie as a leg pillow. I call it..."Mine". Tis the season for cats to pile up together, and look pretty cute!

Now that I got your attention with my cute cats.. at work I had to handle this deposition yesterday. It was called "The Porn Incident". I'm not kidding. It had nothing to do with porn, as that is not my line of work. It was the customer's name. Why wouldn't you change your name? It stated in said deposition about 15 times "The Porn Incident" why not call it something else? Is it just me being a perv or what?

I have only worked out once each day this week, and still....exhausted. I could sleep for a year. And every night I'm up at 3 am.

Lastley. I was tagged by Suzi. I think everyone should do it too, but I'm too lazy to tag folks! Get on it!

7 Random Things About Me meme

1. I married my high school not-so-sweetheart when I was 20 and he was 19. He left me two weeks after our 2yr anniversary. He'd one day regret that decision, and I one day would thank him. Funny thing...life.

2. I have a severe disgust for gum. I don't like the look, the smell. I won't touch a wrapper, or even a package of it. I dont want to see you chew it. Hear you, smell you. It seriously freaks me out, and I have no idea why. It's offensive to me. I remember as a child a peice was stuck to a fork when my brother and sister were doing dishes. They pulled it off, and I was terrified to use the silverware with the rose at the handles. How would I know which one the gum was on? Eeeek! It's a borderline phobia, because it makes my heart race if I'm faced with it.

3.This might have something to do with #2 I prefer to use plastic forks. I'll use silverware if I'm out, or somewhere I can't have a plastic fork, but I don't like the way it feels on my lips. Thinking about it, makes me cringe.

4. I havn't been to the dentist in 14 years. This is changing this year because I have a toothache. I had my wisdom teeth pulled while I was wide awake, and only numbed, and could explain every sound, and taste, and feeling. The worst? The crunching and cracking of my pulled tooth coming out. Or, the gushing blood down my throat. I was seriously traumatized.

5. I have a very non-traditional view of religion and "the afterlife". I think our souls keep coming back to earth until we learn lessons we set for ourselves on another plane of existence. That's why "life's not fair" and "bad things happen to good people". I don't think there is a place called heaven or hell where we float off to when our bodies die. I don't believe in creation. Or a billion other things. I think that the power and key to everything is within all of us, and it's our mission to find it. Is it easy? Hell no. What if I'm wrong? Well, then Jesus would just forgive me cus that's the kinda guy (they say) he is.

6. I was questioned in an aggrivated arson case when I was 16. They came to my school to talk to me. I cried. My ex husband (bf at the time) and his friend did it. I drove the car. Of course I ratted them out. I wasn't going anywhere in handcuffs, I was a good girl! I also told on him for smoking pot before school, and they didn't do anything about it. Nice. Now that I think of it I guess we could've killed someone but they made it seem like "no big deal" they were just trowing a bottle of gas with a burning rag at a girls house. So what?

7. My most embaressing moment was when I lived alone, and the cable guy came to see why my TV kept getting some douchebag's CB radio coming thru it. I told him it always happened if I was watching a "tape" (yea, vhs, how old school is that?) he asked if I had a tape to put in, and tape labeled "A Christmas Story" was on top of the VCR and he put it in, pressed play, and it was a Porno. Uh...Smack dab in the middle of all the action. I think the cable guy thought I was tryin to make my own porno. I. could. have. died.


So@24 said...

Awake during your wisdom teeth being pulled???

What were you THINKING, woman??

LBluca77 said...

Your cats are so cute. I used to love it when I had 2 cats a few years back and they would cuddle up together.

Heather said...

I have four cats and they don't like each other enough to cuddle like that. They just sniff each others butts occasionally and chase each other.

"The Porn Incident" Awesome!!

Fizzgig said...

I was 17 i didnt think it was my choice to be awake. I just was. it traumatized me.

thank you. they are as loveable as they are cute. I have 4 and 3 are family so they snuggle.

I love me some cuddlin cats!

Anonymous said...

"the porn incident." if that was my name, that would be the title of my blog. for serious. awesome.

i only got as far as the word crunching in the wisdom teeth story. and all of mine are already out. dead out of it, i was, when it happened. totally under. but, damn! that's still scary. wow. you are a brave, brave soul!

cats... definitely cute. adorable, in fact. mine hate each other. after three years, I still haven't given up hope that they'll come around. victory is found when they can both sleep on the bed on either side of me. this is only because when the kitten gets there, the old fatty can't see her over my body blockade, but i still count it as a victory.

A fair fairy said...

number 7 made my day :D haaahahaha why do they come up with such innocent titles anyway?

Deutlich said...

I don't believe in heaven or hell either... or god.. or religion.