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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Dumb and Dumber-er..

I finally got the whole situation with my birth control figured out. They finally GOT a nurse for me to speak to yesterday, after trying to get thru their effed up phone system for 1/2 an hour. And, guess what? The nurse had JUST filled out a supplies by mail order for my birth control.

Nurse : I just filled out your supplies by mail order today.

Me: For me?

Nurse: Yes

Me: I didn't send one in

Nurse: Yes, I just sent it this morning

Me: My script runs out Friday, I never would have sent in an order this close to the end of my script.

Nurse: what's your name?

Me: first and last name

Nurse: Yes, I just filled it.

Me: Can you check, because I don't know how you will bill me without my sending in my information.

Nurse: Oh, That was for September.

Me thinking.....you are a freaking liar.

So I went to get my refill yesterday. And I have to go back next week for my appt. Its scandalous.

On a happy note, my back barely hurts and I'm working out today. Well, if working out makes you happy, which really it doesn't. I had horrible dreams last night and at 4am after the third time waking up from the same dream I had to listen to my meditation MP3 to not have nightmares! It was horrible. Someone was after me, my Mom and brother were living at our old house even though people lived there. They stayed when no one was home. One night I was over visiting my brother and they were home, and caught us. Weird. It was all about them kidnapping me, and me trying to get my neighbor to save me thru the bathroom wall (we always pound on the wall to hear each other, we're friends).

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Alexa said...

haha, i totally pound on the walls to my neighbor friends too