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Monday, November 03, 2008

What Time Change?...

This is the best picture from Saturday...which doesn't fully show the extent of my costume but you get the picture. I had cat mice and bells in my hair.... Oh yea, that's the manfriend...as dick in a box, ala Justin Timberlake. I was kinda mezmerized with the package. More so than usual. I have like 4 pictures just of the box. I like the mans package. It's pretty. Yes.

Saturday was at a partay in my neck of the woods, with Bethie. It was pretty bad-ass. They had a bonfire, and a dj, with some bumpin techno, and we shook what our Momma's gave us. By the end of the night we sorta smashed that bow from dancing. The manfriend made some yummy punch and we had a fabulous time.

And because I am me, I included this picture of the Saturday parties host dog, because it's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He's a lil guy! I forget what he is I think a shebu enu or something like that. He loved my costume. He wanted to eat my cats! Especially the one that cries!

Friday we went to a party in the manfriend's neck of the woods. This was us there. There was two pugs there that had on suits but I didn't get their picture. Cus I pretty much suck. We played some beer pong, and our opponents totally cheated and double sunk the same cup so you know, we had to drink the whole freaking table. I dumped a whole cup of beer out when no one was lookin! My guy encouraged me to, so there. I already had the buzz on.

Yesterday the man did some manly work on his car, guess what else he did? He fixed my stupid car door that shuts whenever I open it, it never stayed open, it was a constant battle with me and the door. Open it up, get my crap to leave, door shuts, kick it open, door shuts. And he fixed it. I dunno, he pretty much rocks if you ask me! I also got to spend three nights with him. I so heart that!

I start boot camp today. Friday we signed up and made it official! Um, I made up for all my future sacrifice with eating crap and drinking this weekend. I'm also working out on my lunch break still. Hoo rah or something like that.

And the whole new girl thing...I can't fire her because we are already down 4 secretaries. When people leave we can't replace them. It's a company-wide hiring freeze. Which doesn't bother me because it keeps our jobs more secure. However if job cuts do come along, she's def the first to go!

Also, the crazy cat lady doll was a gift...but I think you can probably find one on e-bay.

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Alexa said...

hahaha. cat lady and dick in a box. love it.