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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Movin on Nowhere...

I've been looking to move for ohhhhh, about a year now. While I'm perfectly content where I live now (in the summer - cus in the winter I battle the hill of doom) I live far from my place of employment. I spend $300 a month in gas. And it sickens me. I also live far from that guy I'm nuts about and being closer to work would benefit that whole situation as well. I have found alot of nice places. But I have a dog. Cats are easy to rent with. Oh, and I also smoke. That's the latest in rental restrictions. You know I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) who use to get in trouble with the landlord for "having loud sex". I mean, renting blows.

So does owning, when I had a house, our neighbors were psychotic. Ask anyone. They roped their yard with stakes and string. You cant have your crazy homeowner neighbors kicked out either.

Out of all of my looking, I've only found a few places, that *gasp* take pets. The first one was comparable to where I live now. A fourplex, garage, 2 bedroom, 3 floors, pets, 4 miles from work....wait for it....$975 a month. Now, I live in a bubble here in my little corner of the world, so I dunno bout ya'll's rent, but here, that is insanely overpriced. It wasn't even new!

The second place didn't have any available that took pets. I saw an available apartment, like 1 mile from work, and it was perfect. I think they think you will just get rid of your pets or something. Hello? I don't HAVE to move. I can afford to be picky. Which also doesn't help. Because I have what I want now, if I could only move it. (did I mention my landlord is in New Jersey?)

The third place? Almost sealed the deal. I am currently on my fourth year renting, therefore I can leave with 30 days notice. Meaning, last week when I found a place I thought might be "it" I would have had to have paid my rent, turned in my notice, and moved out in October. But, I had 3 days to make this monumental decision. Yea. Monumental. It was 10 miles from work. Condo-like, fireplace, had a loft, plus 2 bedrooms, washer/dryer (I could sell mine!) secured entrance, the backyard is woods (like now!), garage (it was detached though) and they took a dog and a cat. (yes "a cat"...so I have three more?...) It was still, way smaller than where I am now (1095 sq so I'm thinking I have around 1500?)

This could've been my balcony.

The point is, you got the first month rent free, and the fees were affordable, and while it was almost 300 a month more in rent, I justified that by figuring on cutting my gas in half from the drive, and not paying a trash bill, then it was only 90 more a month. I really struggled with the decision. I mean I make good money, why can't I have a nice new apartment on the east side (its really not the east side, but that's where George and Weezie moved) I felt as though it was safe, and close to the highway, yet secluded, to go to work...NO EXPRESSWAY. Anyway, the whole economy thing made the decision for me. I'm not going anywhere. The second night of indecision all that crap with the bail out thing, and I was like, no way. I hate George Bush. He ruins everything. *siiiiiigh*

The view from the front door.

The loft from the living room.

*enter dream sequence*

One day I'm going to have a big farm house and all my worries will be over. And, I can have as many damn cats as I can afford to feed and care for. And a goat, and a llama, and sheep, and dogs, and bunnies, and even a pig if I want. And I'm even going to have a maid, an ugly one that the man would never go for, but isn't too fat she can still clean the floors. Yes, he can live there too since I'm nuts about him. I'm going to retire and still be madly in love, and able to chase the old man around, since now I'm taking glucosamine and my joints will hold up pretty well.

*end dream sequence*


Anonymous said...

P.S. And your neighbor rocks, she doesnt complain when she cant sleep at night because you are always breaking your bed. You won't have a neighbor like that anywhere but where you are now!

Alexa said...

so you are moving to cleveland?!?



Barb said...

That place is real nice. But you gotta do what you gotta do. You think $975.00 a month is expensive? Try renting here in Cali. I hear the rent is $1500.00 a month...at least that's what my girlfriend pays and it's not even a nice as these pics show!

P.S. I would NEVER give up my children, I mean, pets either! :)

Mon said...

hidey ho neighbor. This is true..although, you are kinda complaining by bringing it up, arent you? I don't like thinking about that mess!

closer to cleveland... I'm not a big city kinda girl. I like country living!

I know, its so different geographically what you get for rent! Its like where i am now is so cheap, and moving to the little city (akron) is so expensive!