"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, October 06, 2008

the art of having fun....

It's my cute manfriends birthday today. You know he never mentioned it. Me? In another week, I'll start the 2 month count down to my birthday! You can't miss mine! I got him a gift a while ago but havn't found something to go with it. I think it's a thoughtful gift cus he mentioned this one day and I remembered and got it.

So...I hurt my back. I'm guessing that what did it was taking my a/c out of the window, even though I didn't lift it but put it on the ground and rolled it. You know, since last year this is exactly the way I hurt my back. I thought for days it was riding the bike that did it, but I suppose that makes more sense. Either way, I'm in horrible pain, even sleeping sucks.

Friday night I went out with some people I use to work with. It was a lot of fun! Mostly people that got let go, or were smart enough to quit over the years. I forgot how much fun we use to have at that place. Ho hum. What I hate about going out is, that my girlfriends get to go home to their men. And I don't. Something not right about that. But, we had a lot of laughs! A few of us went to breakfast at IHop too. IHops the frigging bomb-diggity!

I got my hair done on Saturday which costs a small fortune. I always get a cut and hilight, so I'm use to the total package price, my Mom went to my girl, just for a cut. A cut costs $25. I never knew that! But like I told my Momma, you get what you pay for. We were having game night with the boy's friend and girlfriend that night. I made my fabulous taco dip, and he made his yummy velveeta dip. I even brought such fun games as Taboo, and Mad Gab.

I was sooooo happy to see him. I like him too much. I think he should pay for that somehow. He was cute and put some stinky stuff on my back. Funny thing about game night, his girlfriend informed me when the boys left the room that her guy didn't like to play more than 1 game, and hated losing. Ya don't say? It was her idea to have said game night. You think she'd know better than to subject us all to it. I don't like bad attitudes. I think I'd rather eat razors than be around people who have an attitude, especially for no reason. So, game night wasn't really much fun. It had its moments....brief moments. I like to play games and laugh and have fun with it. Winning is always a plus, but c'mon we played uno, not poker.

Sunday my back hurt 100 times more than the previous week. I barely moved. The manfriend made yummy breakfast, and dinner, and was generally adorable and made me spend some time plotting his demise. You know, I mean it out of total love. We watched some movies and cuddled up together. Sigh.

And here it is Monday. I still havn't heard back from that God Damned nurse about my birth control refill. After Friday, no more sex for me. And if I have to wait until my appointment? Then it's 4 weeks. I really dunno what the hold up is. I'm just going to keep calling and bitch them out. I don't want no stinking babies! I would enjoy having my sex life remain the same too. So they besta watch out!


Heather said...

You guys should move to central Ohio. My hubby and I will play uno with ya all night. :)

Narm said...

Waffle House > IHop

Mon said...

i love uno! its a killer time!

I dunno....waffle house is good, but when youve been drinking its too confusing to order food. smothered and stacked or whatever

Erin said...

Ugh - I hope your back feels better soon!! But you are so lucky to have manfriend taking care of you ;)

And no more sex???? Say it ain't so!!