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Monday, October 13, 2008

One day I'll Thank her for making me stronger...

We had the mobile mammogram at work. You have to be 40. New girl signed up and then told everyone "they wont let me do it, you have to be 40". She must have told 30 people, no lie, over a weeks time. Friday I'm discussing getting a free check register from the bank with a coworker, because I had no idea they were free. I've been whiting my check registar out for years and re-using it. I'm thrifty that way. New girl butted in,

NG: "yea....it's free with your insurance card"
Me: "insurance?"
NG: "the mammogram?"
Me: "New girl, I AM NOT 40!!!!!!"
NG: laughing "I forgot about the age limit" No you didn't. Betch.
Me: Walked back to my desk and tried not to cry. 40? I don't think sooooo.

(not that 40 is bad, it's the new 25 or something, but I'm not even to 35 yet, let me age gracefully)

Other than that, I'm having issues with new girl at work again. I think she forgets to plug her ears and the stupid just runs out. Seriously. I thought we had nipped all this in the bud but I'm thinking she is just not intelligent. And, it's been almost a year. New girl is not so new. I went thru the trouble of creating a calendar for our department, outlining what days certain reports come out. What days we send them out. When deadlines are to be met, everything. You think anyone uses it? No. They ask me "when's this due"? It's the same every month. LOOK AT THE CALENDAR!

One of her VP's asked for a special achievement letter. I wrote it for him because she was busy with month end. He wanted it hard copy I gave it to new girl to put in his mail. Three days later, the VP asks me about it. She didn't give it to him. She said "ohhh here it is...He must have left early Monday before I gave it to him, I'll give it to him on Friday". Point? Your job isn't hard. Do it.

I make them give me a daily copy of their planner pages to keep track of what they have going on, and so I can distribute the work load if needed. But that's not even useful for her. She forgets reports. The idea is, use the calendar I created, write each month out in your planner, and check the tasks off when complete. Easy cheesy. Not so much. I had to create a spreadsheet for her for each miniscule task that has to be done.

For example, we run monthly awards for stores. I gave her each step as a task to mark off.

1. Run "stupid monthly award"
2. Stupid monthly awards signed by VP
3. Run labels for stupid monthly award
4. Label envelopes for stupid monthly award
5. Mail stupid monthly award

The rest of the world can simply write "stupid monthly award" and know all that it entails. Not new girl. That's too hard. The person this looks bad for is me, I'm her boss. No one is going to take me down because they can't do their job. We're going to have this talk. "Either you don't know how to do it, or you don't care...I know you know how to do it because you have shown me you can, so I'm going to have to assume you don't care."

I had a fabulous weekend, but that's another story!

P.S. Bosses day is this thursday should I start dropping hints?


Heather said...

Soooo, you're saying you have to be 40 for the mobile mammogram?

I used to work with a girl who broke her big toe once. She was a receptionist. I swear all day, every day, for three weeks she repeated "I broke my big toe" to every person who she talked to. It was the joke. We'd squawk like a parrot and say "I broke my big toe".

Allison M. said...

I am probably guilty of sharing stupid stories with at least three or four coworkers. Like when the Forever21 sales chick called my size 29 ass fat because she "didn't know we they carry that high of a size."

Frances said...

You know what really gets me?

New girl and others like her are the first to be promoted!

Thanks for dropping by.
Waving at you from New York

Erin said...

I say fire her ass and get it over with, lol. That was you can start telling us new stories about another new girl ;)

Glad you had an awesome weekend! Are you going to tell us about it or what??

Momma said...

How come girls under 40 don't have to have mammograms? This is not fair. Do you make up for them after 40? NG should have taken one for you. That would be a no brainer she could figure out. Oh wait, maybe not, there is a right mammory and a left mammory and you do have to put it on the shelf. She may end up in the library naked with her mamms out there with the index cards.