"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, October 10, 2008

Helpin The Economy...

Firstly I gave the boy his bday gift on Wednesday. I got him the Flash Gordon record, by Queen. Yea, a record. He mentioned once that it was his favorite album and he didn't know where it was and it was the first one he remembered buying. That's the best kinda gift if you ask me. Unexpected. I was pretty pleased with myself. And, I think he liked it a lot too. Especially since I gave him two, because I'm a novice e-bayer, and well, that's a long story.

It's pay day. Thank the stars. Missing $150 out of your check is no joke. That is my "living" money. That's what I use to buy food, or go out, and generally, have money in the bank to fart around with. Damn work for overpaying me and taking it back. Bastards. Good news, my employee purchase withdrawl is down to $15 a check! I can see the end in sight! Just about the time my insurance will come out of my checks, so I'll never notice a difference. I hope.

I bought stock in my company this week. It was the last week to do it, and we have the option thru work to buy at a discount, and we can take it out in a year, so I am doing a whopping $20 a month. It may turn into big money. I may lose it. Either way I'm doing my part to stimulate the economy. Now go do yours.

Speaking of the economy. It scares me. I make more money than I ever thought I would. Yet, I can't save money. Savings? What's that. I have enough in my savings to last a week, and that's just if I want to eat, and feed my pets. I want to move so desperatley but I don't have the money to do it. You have to come up with so much freaking cash to move, not to mention the cost of actually moving. It's depressing me. All I want to do is eat 50lbs of cheese and forget all my worries. Maybe a half gallon of Edy's double churned too. Why not. Well besides the fact that it would take me 6 months to lose the weight I gained from all that. Balls. I do get to see the boy tonight, and Saturday, and Sunday. It's a rare treat. Eeek.

Wow, I'm depressing aren't I? It wouldn't suck as much if I weren't completely in love with someone who lives in BFE, (actually I think I'm the one who lives in BFE) who I don't get to see nearly as much as I'd like to, which makes the whole moving thing seem so desperate to me. Like, I want to so badly mostly because of that. Yes, I need to because of work, and the snow...but I feel in a hurry because of that boy. Life seems so unfair sometimes, and I can't wait to see what lesson this is suppose to be teaching me. Patience? Screw that mess.

Damn, can you tell it's my time of the month? What gave it away? Someone needs to smack me. Or, buy me some vodka. I'm too poor to afford it. Did I mention I have no winter shoes and I'm still wearing sandals? I'm available for adoption! I'm pretty low maintenance, but I do come with 6 pets, which are non-negotiable.


Allison M. said...

you are so thoughtful with your record gift. I bought mine a Jason Mraz cd and sweater vest.


Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Kleitus I'm bored. What plaything have got for me today?

An obscure body in the SK system, your majesty. The inhabitants refer to it as the planet Eaaarth.

Earth. How peaceful it looks. *volcanoes start erupting, floods, hurricanes*

Ha ha. Most elective, your majesty. We'll destroy this... earth.

Later! I like to play with things awhile, before annihilation.


I'm pretty sure I could type in the dialog for the whole movie! Saw it at the theatres every day two months (my brother worked there so I got in free).

Have the DVD, VHS, CD, and vinyl.

Your BF is lucky!

Yes, I'm weird, but you knew that already.

So@24 said...

I too use the word "balls." to express my disappointment

Anonymous said...

Everyone loves Flash Gordon. It's classic.


Anonymous said...

love the gift. i don't actually know it (for shame!) but i do dig the thought behind it. i pull that kinda shit off whenever i can (find the motivation and means, that is.)

i totally hear you on the wanting to move thing. i have been feeling that same vibe as of late. i gotta go, but the money... oh, and the hassle. i don't even want to move far, i just really want a change of scenery.

Barb said...

Lots of stuff going on in that ol' brain of yours huh? Doesn't hurt to let it out once in a while.

I never saw Flash Gordon but I did see the porno Flesh Gordon..any similarity there? Don't know. LOL. Well, have a great weekend w/ the boy.

Damsel Underdressed said...

I'm jealous that you get to spend a weekend with your boy. Sigh. Uh...I mean "balls." Haha. I'm going to start using that. :)

Mon said...

thank you thank you. I was pretty happy about it!

I'll have to watch it. I'm sure it's one of those that will be pretty funny to watch with the effects!

yea, but i have nothing against balls. They are kinda nice.

I just remember the cartoon!

its partly the scenery for me too. I like to rearrange things to get a new feel and i cant do that in my living room now. I feel trapped.

I bet the porno was pretty entertaining. Sometimes the spin offs are better than the movie. Wait, I didnt just say that.

I would be too. It's awesome to see the one you're smitten with!!!!

Alaskan Dave Down Under said...

Mon: When they released the DVD recently, it was not remastered! Matte line abound and they really stand out in digital format! Also, when they made the movie, there was one shade in the paints that were the same color as the bluescreens, so many shots you can see clouds and mountains ghostly floating behind people and ships! It all makes it MOST enjoyable!

Make up a drinking game: every visible matte line (some are an entire rectangle!!) or transparent person or ship you take a drink. You'll never make the end of the movie :)

Erin said...

That was a freaking awesome gift!!! totally cool and unexpected - I'm sure he loved it!

Mon said...

I might enjoy a drinking game with the movie! I like drinking! lol