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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday...

So, you know you are no spring chicken, when it takes you two days to recoupe from drinking. We celebrated my brothers 33rd bday on Friday. I didn't even do any shots. Well, one cherry bomb, but that was only 1 shot. My brother on the other hand, had shots bought for him left and right. I had the worst headache, and I felt generally nauseus for two days. And my whole body hurt. I dunno how that happened. Maybe it was because I crawled under the stall door in the bathroom commando style. Yes, I crawled on my stomach on the dirty bathroom floor. I thought it would be hilarious to disassemble an already out of order toilet, and unlock the door, and remove the out of order sign. So funny in fact, that me and Kat fell on the floor laughing....and I peed my pants. Then, peeing my pants made me laugh even more, and pee even more. Instead of throwing away my good Victoria's Secret panties, I thought it was a good idea to wrap them in toilet paper to soak up the pee. The next time I went to the bathroom, I had no idea why my underwear was wrapped in TP. I might be getting too old for this!

This is a first in the my blog, a pic of CP. I only got 1 good one
of him, and I looked like an ass, so since it's my blog, he gets his bad pic posted!


My brother gave his birthday cake to some kids, and his balloons. He swore he didn't do it, but me and Kat watched him. Why are there kids in a bar you might ask? Good question. It is a bowling alley but by this time it was around 2 a.m. It's a total redneck thing to do. Kat brought the coconut bra again. Bubba wouldn't wear it, but others did. CP's brother, the DJ even took off his shirt to put it on. (as pictured below) He also kissed my brother, but whatever floats your boat.


We kept tying balloons to my brother, until he agreed to sing karaoke. When they called his name he said "can I take off my balloons now?" Ok, I guess so! Party pooper! He sang people are strange. How appropriate. This is my adorable brother, who is single....and has 2 awesome sisters and a pretty cool mom. Anyone? .....Anyone???



supplymadam said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! Great pics. Does your Bro do long distance relationships? He looks like our friend Don but alot younger.
That coconut bra is just wrong,but funny at the same time.
Rock on.

Mon said...

He's really shy, you'd never know it by looking at him but he is around girls. He's only had a couple serious girlfriends in his life. Poor guy. Or...good for him, whichever way you look at it I guess!

Janet said...

I imagine most people's late 20's/early 30's are full of birthdays where the kiddie gifts are given away, but the guest of honor is still very much a kid at heart.:)

Anonymous said...

That's a really good picture of Derek. He's so fun to be with. Don't think I've ever seen him that drunk. It was the best!


Bianca Roland said...

I always have to eat Italian food the day after I drink. Something about the grease and the absorbancy of the pasta. Nothing else will do.

Rachel said...

Those pics are hilarious! Looks like a fun time.

Samsara said...

Take a note: August 09th is my birthday! :-)

And yes, I take belated gifts and wishes. :)