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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Father Figure...

We took the daughter shopping last night for school clothes. It started off bad, because I had to rush after aerobics to 'clean up' so we could meet at the gym to get our shop on. Of course, my whole head was soaked with sweat, and I had to use the hand dryer to try to dry it out. I might have tried to pretend I was Madonna a-la Desperatly Seeking Susan. Turns out, the daughter was not home for over an hour. I got to go home and clean up and feed the animals first.

It was actually fun, I didn't expect to like it. And, guess what? I'm not old, and my taste doesn't suck! I can remember hating shopping with my mom who loved velvet pouffy tops, and printed courderoy's. I didn't have an opinion at 12. My mom told me what was hip. It was mainly hand-me-downs. Or, whatever my mom hid under the shoe table for me at the Acme Click where she worked. I helped the daughter pick outfits out, and while she was in the dressing room, and needed more stuff, I was on a mission! I got to pick stuff out all on my own for her to try on. And guess what? She got the stuff I picked out. Holla. I'm hip-to-be square!

My favorite pick was a Johnny Depp T-shirt. It warms my heart to see the youngsters think someone I grew up loving is hot. I am so freaking cool. Guess who she likes better? Orlando Bloom. ME TOO ME TOO! It's like the Corey's were to me! (Corey Haim whom I liked better, and Corey Feldman) It was especially fun to watch CP be 'fatherly'. No, you can't get that. That's too short. What would your Mom say. And now I see how this tactic worked for my Dad as well. It was always fun to go to Dad's cus he just blamed Mom for all the boring stuff in life. "What would your mom think". It works like a charm though, I can see that.

He even caved and got her these chunky sandals she absolutley wanted but he thought were not practical. But in the end she got both sneakers and sandals. And the "if your Mom get's mad, she's getting mad at you" speech. I made him call the ex to see if she was allowed to wear Happy Bunny shirts. I like them too, but I didn't think they were school clothes. And, I was so right. The worst part of shopping was not buying anything for ourselves. I really wanted to get some CUTE vans, they were buy 2 get 1 free at Kohl's. But we couldn't buy ourselves stuff when we put the kid on a budget. *sigh* One day only sale. *bigger sigh*

We didn't finish until 10:15. When we told her how much the budget was and what we spent (which was OVER the budget) she said "that's not bad at all my friends all got to spend $1,000". Yea, laying on the guilt. I remember those days too! CP came back with the good old "if your friends jumped off a bridge...." Some things never get old. We stopped at Chick-fi-la, and there staring at me thru the drive thru window (in print) was my very first 'boyfriend'. He lived across the trailer park street from us! (shut it!) Apparently he was in some accident, and has had a ton of surgeries. CP asked the employee working the window what happened for me, their taking donations. I didn't give any money. It might be because he didn't love me. I'm vindictive that way.

(The official countdown has begun. LOST starts Oct. 4th. 40 days!!!!)


Miss Britt said...

My daughter is only 18 months old and I'm already dreading the day when I find out if she loves me AND my shopping obsession - or hates me and thinks I'm this big shallow flake with no taste.

It's good to be cool! ;-)

Hothousemomma said...

1k that is crazy!

supplymadam said...

I didn't know CP had a daughter. We are so much more open to fashion than our parents were. My mother made alot of my clothes,dresses of course becaus in my day we weren't allowed to wear pants. Then I always had to get the "sensible" Hush Puppy shoes. The ugly gray man looking ones with the ties. I was so dorky back then. When I would take my niece birthday and Christmas shopping "BUM" sweatshirts and Reebocks were in style. Needless to say she used to love our shopping trips.
Cool is cool!

Mon said...

Miss Brit:
I know, it's a scarey thought! I think since I'm dad's fiance...I must still be cool. I think when I move to step-monster, it might change.

Yea, I know! I was happy with $100 bucks, I'd go to the $10 store and get 5 outfits! Kids these days.

Yea, it's a long story, but he has a kid! They aren't close, so that is why it struck me as funny the way he acted. She's 12 and he's been apart from his ex for 10 years.

Suzi said...

Congrats on the successful shopping! Enjoy your coolness while it lasts. I used to be cool, too, until I one day became incapable of withstanding the volume of the music at Abercrombie, Hollister, and Gap. Now the only coolness I have left is in my credit card.

Bianca Roland said...

Man, I want some new clothes. *sigh* Can't. I gotta be good.

MzAriez said...

I so understand the whole clothes shopping bit. My daughter is 14, but really not overly fashion driven yet. Her two requests for school were a pair of brown suede boots and a GeMagic to put gems on the clothes she already has.

Since then, her only other request was a Harvard hoodie since she wants to attend there one day.

No wonder I feel so blessed to have her.

Take care!

Mon said...

Thank you! I'll enjoy it while I can!

It's hard not to shop for yourself while shopping. I hate going places when I cant spend money!

geez, youre lucky! she really didn't ask for much! Go harvard!