"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 11, 2006

If It Aint Broke Don't Fix It....

It's funny (not really) when you start to realize that you are changing, as you get older. I woke up coughing at 5am, and peed my underpants, down my legs on the way to the toilet. (I DO MY KEGALS TOO!) I didn't pee the bed though! My Knees crack and grind when I go up/down stairs. Hair grows where it shouldn't, but it's not grey! My breasts have fallen several inches in the past few years, nothing a good bra doesn't hide, but I have to freaking live in a bra and that's no fun! I don't get carded often at the bar anymore, but I am carded for cigarettes from time to time! Ego boost!

Your tastes change too. I never use to like salsa, now I love it. Wouldn't touch guacamole, now, I think it's pretty damn good! Yogurt? No thanks....Now a staple in my frigidare. The latest sign of my aging is my choice in men. I still love the usual hotties, but now I'm takign a liking to guys like...Mike Rowe from dirty jobs. Who, let's face it ladies, he's hot! The past couple of shows, he's been scruffy, and I love me nothing more than a scruffy looking man. A dirty, sweaty, using your hands, man! Yum!

I remember asking my mom once if your taste changed when you got older, because she was doing the online dating thing, sending me pics of old men thinking they were cute! She told me that you still have an eye for attractive men, but what you want for yourself changes. Good thing. Otherwise, I guess I'd still be lusting after 14 year old boys. But I think this might be something that only changes in women. Men, always lust for 14 year old girls. (men would never admit this, so I'll put it this way, they lust after 18 year old girls, that look 14.) I guess it's fabulous that I'm growing up. And becoming more mature. And, just to show that I'm not totally washed up, I still think Ty Pennington, Edwin McCain, Johnny Depp, and Orlando Bloom are hot.


supplymadam said...

You hit a nail on the head. I too like the rugged,not afraid to get dirty type as well. When I see a cute young guy I have to pretend not to be lusting.
I have a friend who is 3 years older than me and she is in great shape I will admit although too much sun is starting to show in her face.She is a big tome sun worshipper. She's always telling me when people tell her she looks great. Here's 2 stories that happened to us once. When I was 39 and she was 42 we went into a bar and I got proofed and she didn't. She was pissed but I was smiling on the inside.She actually yelled at the guy for proofing me and not her.(thanks alot) Then the next year I was 40 and she was 43 we went to another club and this 22 year old guy was trying to pick me up and she says to him" who do you think is older me or her(meaning myself) and he says to her "you". She got so mad at him she smacked him and said "Thanks alot". I felt like saying "Well you asked". But I am more diplomatic than that.
I love when that happens.

Mon said...

That is funny, if you are older, you should look older, you would think...so why does she get offended? It's a great boost when young men hit on you! Good for you! It happened to me at the Circle K, I said how old do you think I am? 18. I said (at the time)I'm almost 30! I think he was 16 or something.

Bianca Roland said...

Sometimes I pee just a little when I sneeze or cough or laugh, but I think I can blame that more on my bladder disease than on my age. My taste in foods and men has definitely changed, though. I'm attracted to men with some stability, be it emotional, financial, or physical. Or all of the above.