"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ass, Grass, or Gas No One Rides For Free (and titmt)....

I paid a dear price for my bike ride. My legs are so freaking tired, the aerobics class yesterday, did me in. I'm done for. I couldn't wait to get on the bike and go for a ride on Saturday. CP adjusted my seat, and we were off. We went 2 blocks and I said I wanted to go back! No shit! My legs felt like Jell-o the rest of the day from it too. So I ended up exchanging my 24" for a 26" bike and I spent the night cleaning it up, and taking off the graphics. They were scratched off in spots, and looked totally gay. Where there were scratches, there was rust, so I had to paint it with rustoleum to stop it.

I also got a new seat with shocks, and gel pads. It's wider for my wider butt as well. Way more comfortable ride. And, while my new bike was blue (my favorite color), I painted it metallic silver. It's a work in progress. It's pretty bad ass actually.

I took a little trip down to the towpath Sunday, I felt a little more brave. I live on a big slope. So, the whole way there was all down hill. Once I made it the mile to the trail I felt a sense of accomplishment. But I kept going. The sound of the wind in my ears as I zipped down the trail, was invigorating. I was the only one on the trail, and I felt on top of the world. I didn't make it very far, because I had to go back...up hill.

I did make it most of the way home but there is a steep hill that I pedaled and pedaled to get up, and up, and then.....I just stopped. I couldn't pedal. I literally just stopped dead. I walked my bike in shame the rest of the way. The ride turned out to be 40 minutes, not too bad for my first official ride. My legs? Yea, their a little tired. They don't hurt, they just take the mind to make them work. Right, left, right.....Walking seems like work to me.

Remind me the next time I want to have a Krispy kreme, how freaking hard it is to work it off.

And, after. I still have to order some sweet graphics for it off e-bay. Their tribal Hello Kitty. I know, you are all jealous, I would be too! The question I pose is, should I get hot pink, white, or black? I thought hot pink at first, but my seat and handle bars are black?

Even though I was whooped, I told CP I wanted 'some play' last night. He said "we have trivial pursuit at the house we can play when I get off work". Somehow, the thought just didn't turn me on at all. Even though he didn't give me any, happy birthday to my CP who is the big 3-7 today!!!

Today's tell it to me Tuesday question from The Art of Getting By the story of your first crush.
Pshhhh, which one? The first unrequited crush was my brother's friend, Wayne. Who I had the super hots for. He was only a couple years older than me. I think I was 14 at the time. Once he slept in my bed. I never wanted to change my sheets! I wasn't home of course. I actually cried when he got a girlfriend. And, the most embaressing moment of my teen years, was when I was in emergency for dehydration due ot the flu. I co uldn't stop puking, so...they doped me up on morphine, and sent me home. My mom had my brother and Wayne come and get me from the car, and I professed my love for him then and there. Of course, I blamed the drugs, and claimed not to remember it. He eventually married that girlfriend. Who should have been me. Asshole.


Tayray said...

I'd do the pink hello kitty stickers. Wait till you see my bike. Its purple and way GAY! ha ha

Natsthename said...

Awwwwww! Let's just hope Wayne got fat and bald and you're lucky you didn't get him!! ;)

Johnny Crow said...

Wow, professing your love doped up on morphine.. can't say I have done that one.. but I am with nat on this one.. he probably got fat, and bald... and shes probably a cow... Thanks for sharing.

supplymadam said...

I think hot pink or blue would add interest to the black and gray.
My first crush was on my neighbor and my brother's friend Joey. Because I was a late bloomer I used to stuff my bra thinking he would like me better. Now I say be careful what you wish for.

Janet said...

Wait. Are you sure this wasn't the plot to an afterschool special I saw once?

JK...thanks for playing!:)

MzAriez said...

I would choose black for tribal art, but I am just traditional like that.

I think my first crush is still back in my hometime. I remember the moment he no longer was special to me. One day, I looked at his hands and he had warts on them. That did it. I was no longer interested.

Take care Mon.


Mon said...

decisions decisions! Your bikes sweet, your brothers bike is the same as his car, he loves teal right?

I think he did get fat and bald! I do know his wife was a bitch cus he never hung out with is friends anymore and didnt invite most of them to the wedding!

I was young. If I wasn't so happy to be on drugs at the time, I would have died of embaressment.

I think pink too....for a splash of color. Omg stuffing the bra! Yea, I know what you mean, be careful what you wish for.

sometimes i wish my life were a tv show you could turn off!

funny the things you remember!!