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Monday, August 07, 2006

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness...

On an episode of King of Queens, Carrie is scrubbing the oven, and she says to herself "I just love a day off". How true is this for us women? We never REALLY have time off. People who have kids are even more nuts than I had previously thought they were. I spent my time off cleaning. As usual. Not just your ordinary sweeping and organizing. I cleaned the ceiling (cobwebs) and all the walls. Instead of using a wet sponge and bucket and loads of paper towels for this task, I used those Mr. Clean magic erasers. Let me tell you, it was heavenly. The dirt/grime/nicotine came right off the walls. No drips, no scrubbing, magic it was!

I also scrubbed all my cabinets top to bottom. I pledged of my woodwork, and rearranged my kitchen again. All I wanted was a day off to do NOTHING! So, sunday I lounged around all day. Know what I did most of the time I was doing nothing? I felt guilty about doing nothing. I have some sort of inner workings, that never let me rest. Must. Clean. Something. So that lasted until 5:00. Why did I turn out this way?

We moved the faulty a/c out of the house, it leaked so much water we could have filled the tub with it. We got a NEW a/c! It's digital. Keeps the temperature, and has an air purifuier. It's also equipped with a timer, so that it will turn on before I'm home from working out, therefore making me happy, and cool after sweating to death. Nevermind how everywhere we went, was sold out of air conditioners. It was hard to find what we got! (Unless we wanted a $800 beheemoth sized one.) Now, it's like a peice of heaven to be home.

I went to our local hardware store, that has a resident black cat to help you shop, who I spend forever petting. I heard babies crying though....kittens. The lady who works there found them in the street, teeny tiny babies! Needless to say I spent forever at the store cuddling them. Kittens are only the sweetest thing in the universe. Besides bunnies. And puppies. And a million bucks. I bought a hose this weekend too, so now I can spray my plants, vs. carrying gallons of water out all the time. I also killed the freaking slugs and ants feasting on my plants. I can't wait to see all the slimey fuckers guts all over.

We had an awesome time at my brothers party. Got home at 4:30 a.m. It's fun to party like a rock star, but not so fun when it takes you longer to recoup than when you were a young buck. I had no idea it was that late til we got in the car. Hope to have pictures some day. CP's motherboard is fried, so no pictures yet. Member how I dreamt my dad was moving? His house is sold. Stepmonster has left the building. I believe in all that metaphysical stuff. I think he was telling me the house sold!

We rented movies from this joint called Family Video that has to be the stupidest place ever. They lure you in with promises of 1/2 price movies for the first 30 days of a new membership. Only thing is, your only allowed to rent 2 movies the first few times you go in there. And...the rentals are for a whopping 1 day unless you pay an extra buck for another day. I think I'll stick with our usual place, which is also much closer. We got 'V for Vendetta' which was a good movie! I didn't get the ending, or much of the whole reason behind the dude being the vigilante, but it was a good story. Wanna be even more confused? Rent Syriana. Mkay, that movie was like staring at the TV for 3 hours. I didn't get the point behind it. I mean it's spose to be about gas and oil - but really it was just long.

I superglued a nail. Not like me at all. But I'm drinking tons of milk, so my nails are growing ( I dunno if their connected) they never grow. I have been doing a french manicure myself and everyone asks if I get them done. A well spent $6! But now, one broke, so I superglued it. I guess you'd have to see my normal mismatched, half eaten nails to appreciate that this is blogworthy to me.


supplymadam said...

Isn't it amazing how us women spend our days off cleaning? I did some cleaning Saturday before going to a block party. Sunday was so relaxing because I got to weed and replace some dead plants. Now When I pull in my driveway I don't scough at my garden. Now at lunchtime it's off to get more mulch. Where does this stuff go?
It's a shame that there is so many unwanted kitties in this world. I think how lucky my mom's nasty cat is. He's 17 going on 5 because he's well taken care of. This cat is on a special kidney diet,blood pressure pills and potassium to prevent any more urinary blockages,not to mention he's only allowed to have hard food once a week. And does he appreciate it? No.
What's up with your dad's house? I guess you guys aren't talking?

Mon said...

its sad, people are cruel to cats! Dad died in 2000 we dont talk to the stepmonster!

supplymadam said...

Oh I'm sorry,I wasn't aware. I lost my dad in 1980. My mom never remarried because she said she didn't want to be taking care of someone.

Hothousemomma said...

I am laughing about the king and queens reference. Because I was thinking of one of their episodes with my last post.
Superglue the nail-if they dont grow you sure do what to keep it

Mon said...

HHmomma: I LOVE that show! It's one of the few shows that makes me LOL every time I watch it!

Celina said...

I spend my Saturdays cleaning housem, too. And, I feel guilty if I DON'T do it. Like this weekend, I'll be out of town, so I have to clean house on Thursday. ACK, it's already Wednesday! Did you take a kitty home??? :) I LOVE stores where they have "shop pets" that hang out and love being petted! I usually rent movies on our Wed "college day," cuz you can rent one get one free!! And, we get to keep them for 5 days!!