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Saturday, August 12, 2006

Make Me Over.....

Who doesn't love some free shit? I got up with the birds this morning, and skipped my aerobics class to go to a Beauty Party at Bath & Body Works. Freebies are always an acceptable reason to miss a workout. We got some foot stuff, lip stuff, and shampoo for free. They did different makeovers too, me and Kat had our eyes done. I did something different, since I always wear browns and greens. Everyone liked it, but to me it's weird. She used orange!
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Nevermind that my eyebrows need done, I'm going to get my hair and brows done in a little bit. I'm getting a couple inches off the hair as it's too long and annoying the shit out of me. Beauty day for me, I'll be a new woman, with no roots. I'm not so sure I'm wearing this look out tonight. I also got a buttload of free Wexler samples, which make your face velvety soft. And of course, I had to get more body butter. They now have them in all the regular bath scents like the Body Shop. We tried all sorts of new things, and had pastries for breakfast. I seriously want this aerosol can of evian water. Laugh if you must, but I used it about 5 times in the store. It feels SO GOOD!

I hide in shame that I bought some eyeshadow for $21 (Nars, 1 color). Product rocks! Bubba didn't go with us, so she missed out on the fact that they mistakenly gave me TWO bags of the free stuff. Yay for me! After that we went to the botique at Dillards, where the things on sale were ridiculously priced. Kat shops there. I told her I couldn't afford to breathe in that store. Ratty old vintage T-shirts were $54....on sale! Regular $94. For a T-shirt. Jeans...$200. I'll stick to Old Navy, and NY & Co...thanks. We went to breakfast to finish off the morning. I need a nap. I live such a rough life.


Janet said...

I've never heard of Bath and Body Works giving away free shit AND makeovers!

The most I've gotten were the free lotion samples, supplied by the store, but administered by myself.

Just Expressing Myself said...

The eyes look great.
Two bags of free stuff? Yay!
Never gonna pay 54 bucks for a t-shirt vintage or otherwise.
I shop at Old Navy all the time.
Have a great Monday,

Hothousemomma said...

THe make up looks good. I want free stuff from B&B. Sounds like a fun day

supplymadam said...

What would we do without makeup? Men don't need makeup because they have more dominant features like guppies and peacocks.

Mon said...

Get on the mailing list, they have parties a few times a year!! They call you or send you invitations!

It is a lot of fun to try new things, it's worth getting up at 8am.

that is hilarious, guppies and peacocks! ha!

Anonymous said...

Not all Bath & Body stores have these parties. Only the "test" stores do. Ours is obviously a test store which is why it has all the other beauty products. I think it's trying to be a Sephora.