"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Think Up Your Own Title....

I took forever yesterday picking out CP's gift. He has poor taste in my opinion so I was quite excited when we were last at Kohl's and he picked out a cute pair of Van's. He has been wearing this ugly pair of blue and white high top sneakers. High tops? Did I mention they were used, from a former coworker? The man never wants to buy himself anything. He'd rather blow his load on the lottery and pop. Ok....that sounded dirty. And not to mention, I won $2 on a ticket yesterday.

Back to the point. I got him the shoes he wanted, cus I approved, and I got him a pretty sweet shirt too. He wears things like shirts about bacteria being some peoples only friend, NASCAR (ugh), and he wore a hooters shirt to work yesterday. So I buy him 'cool' T-shirts. I also planned on buying a white dress shirt for myself to wear with my plaid skirt....to give him a lil sumthin sumthin....but I had no luck. That will have to be a project for the weekend.

When the man got off work, I rubbed his stank feet for him, and gave him his gifts. He said he liked the stuff and put it in the boxes. I'm like the best person to give presents to, because I love them. I don't understand how people can NOT like presents. CP said he's old cus he got clothes. I said you got clothes cus you never buy yourself anything nice. MEN! Oh well I'm pretty sure he's gonna love the other gift he's getting.

I watched Dateline last night about the Amish sex scandal. I dunno if it's a scandal but this poor amish girl got raped by her 3 brothers! Fucking perverts! One was over 100 times. The only thing respectable about the amish, is that they admitted to raping their sister and apologized for it while on trial. They thought they should be let go. Apparently punishment for the amish who don't go outside the community, is being banned for 6 weeks from church activities. For rape. And drinking too much? It's the same punishment.

The next time I see those buggies parked outside the store, I'm going to think a whole lot different about them. Their kind of up on a pedastal around here. Like their so innocent, mmmm Amish cheese, look, the amish make these candles, they MUST be good! There are bad apples in every barrel. The kicker of the whole story, was all the amish that showed up to court to support rapists. And cried for them the whole time. Not caring about the girl who was raped. Thanks.....but no thanks! I'll take my car, TV, electric, internet, phone, store bought clothes, penal system, and job over that any day!

And thinking of embaressing moments with crushes yesterday, I couldn't leave this one out. I was probably 12 years old, and I had the super hots for my friend Stephanie's dad. His name was Dean. He was her step dad actually. I use to gross her out by saying he was hot. And she'd threaten to tell him, and I'd beg her not to. One day we were home 'alone' at her house jumping on her bed, and I was screaming "I love you Dean, you're hot"...you know where this is going right? He came in the room and asked what we were doing. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh my god! Needless to say, I did not go back to Stephanies for a long long time! We were practically neighbors so that was a big deal! We did everything together. I never got over that embaressment!


Mindless Dribbler said...

Daaang, rubbed the man's feet?? I thought that was outlawed nowadays since I never hear of it anymore!

supplymadam said...

There's no way I am touching my hubby's feet unless he just washed them. They are too stinky. Although I'll stick my own foot right up into my nostril.
My husband is another one who never buys himself anything to wear. I hate that about him. I actually bought him an outfit for my nieces wedding right down to the shoes without him being there.

supplymadam said...

Okay I'm not good as good as picking titles like yourself but I just thought of a title for this post "The Man that Lived in His Old Shoes"

MzAriez said...

Send CP happy birthday wishes. I'm sure he would love anything you got him.


Mon said...

I'm a do unto others kinda gal. I only do it post work pre-bath for special occasions. I do it after a bath from time to time. I know it feels good!

yea, im not sayin it doesnt gross me out, but I still do it. lol. Funny how you can do that for men. Yet, you can get us 10 different pants in the same size and it's likely none of them would fit. Why are our clothes so difficult to buy? Good title!!

Thank you!!