"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 18, 2006

One Step Closer to the edge...

I had a good workout again last night, despite the fact that only 3 of us showed up for the class. Then I took my puppy on a walk in the woods behind the house. I was on a roll. Something just isn't right with me and CP. Nevermind the fact that his new hours leave us no time together, that's not it. On the surface everything looks fine, but if you bite into us, you can tell we're sour. I just know something is going on, I feel it. I dunno when the end will happen, but women have a sixth sense about these things. Why do I always have to be right?

My ex Z called me I think it was Monday, from the hospital. Something was wrong with his testicle. If I hated him, this would be a good time to laugh. But, I think I still harbor some sort of feelings for him, since I can't seem to tell him to fuck off after being broke up almost 6 years. He had some tests, and a ct scan, and they ruled out a tumor. He said his bitch ass girlfriend (his words) didn't come see him. She was too concerned with 'work'. I said, she had to go shake her ass, because, you know, that's her 'work'. He was spose to go to the urologist this Wednesday. But he never called me. I hope he doesn't have cancer. And I hope his skank baby momma didn't give him some incurable disease like crotch rot!

Yea...I talked to him at home, while CP was there. Because if CP is so freaking unhappy with me, I could really care less. He's gonna get to see the crazy side of me, that hasn't come out in about 4 years. Poor guy! I'm having serious deja vu. It's never good....when you contemplate cheating on your fiance. I havn't done it! But I shouldn't even let it pop into my head! I'm a dweller. He said he isn't happy. So that's all I remember. 2 days later, he said he was 'just depressed' yet it still feels wrong. Stay tuned, this could get interesting!

Ok, so who can believe freaking Mike won the coup de tat power on Big Brother? I'm sure he will use it for evil. Go George, nominating James and Erica. Freaking idiot.

Anyone from the area, take note. You can get your fill of hot, wet, firemen tomorrow 9-12 at the New Franklin fire dept. They are having a car wash. So, go drool over the men, and help the burned kids in the meantime. I may have just washed my car, but seeing that my life pretty much sucks latley with my man, I'll go and wish I had someone else's.

A couple pictures from the hot air balloon launch I went to last month.
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Hothousemomma said...

nice photos. I didnt go to the gym last night. Dammit. Glad one of us was good

supplymadam said...

Nice pics,good job. Well if CP is depressed about something he needs to look deeper than you. Hope that one works out. Sorry to hear that. I hope all works out for your ex,keep us posted.
Have a good weekend(if you can)

Bianca Roland said...

As long as you're one of the three that did show up, then I guess three isn't a problem, right?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Nice pics! You certainly have the 'eye'. I went to the gym last night too and only three of us showed up. What's with all the lazy people lately?!!


Kentucky Girl said...

Well, I didn't show up at the gym last night...or the night before...etc. 'cause I'm LAY-ZEEEE. :P

Hope things work out with CP and the ex, too.

Mon said...

I'm a trend setter. Kinda.

I agree, it's his own issue. I'm big on 'you make your own happiness'.

3 is better than being the only one. That's a positive!

It's too damn hot to workout. That is my conclusion!

I know lazy! It's my alter ego!
Thanks....it keeps life interesting I suppose!

MzAriez said...

Hi Mon. I haven't been around in awhile. I love what you did with your blog. It looks fantastic.

Have you seen Clerks II? I seen it twice. The part about the trolls leaves me in tears.

I'll have to go back on your blog and catch up with you. I hope you have a better day.

Take care and keep smiling.