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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Pontification of Things....

I'm alive. I didn't post yesterday (but I posted yesterday's post...), and I didn't go to work. You would think someone kidnapped me, and left no ransom note. It's nice to be loved, but when your blowing chunks the last thing you think about is calling everyone. I slept all stinking day to keep from puking. All is well!

I had a meeting with this guy at work last week. He's a young buck who was thrust into his job because he was a good kiss-ass. He's like running all these programs, and has underlings. Anyways, he was showing me how to run a report, and said "we could sit and pontificate it all day". Say wha? He's well known for his excellent verbal skills, and often has us running to the online dictionary to understand wtf he is talking about. Mostly, he over uses the word 'essentially'. So, I looked up pontificate.

Main Entry: 2pon·tif·i·cate Pronunciation: pän-'ti-f&-"kAt
to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way

Let's forget the fact that he pronounced it 'pon tif i kate'. Who the fuck speaks like that? Maybe I'm just a simple gal.

Remember like a month ago when I bitched because it was sooo hot? I guess I'm not entirely ready for it to be cold either. I am kinda excited for the leaves to change. And to go pick pumpkins from the cold muddy patch! Mostly I'm excited to carve said pumpkins, because my sister got me a drill to do all the work for me! Sweet!

Let me pontificate the word pumpkin for you. It's pronounced pun-kin. I don't care what anyone says, and since I can use pontificate in a sentence, that makes me smarter

Big Brother! How about Jedi Howie's exit?? Huh? Why couldn't he punch Mike in the face, I would've loved to see that! *sigh* I'm not excited about Janelle's bitch ass winning the veto. If James goes home because of her, she's next!

I'm one of those TV freaks, who has to know what show everyone 'use to be' on. A familiar face keeps me awake at night, until I can remember. I finally came to the conclusion, that MJ from the un-justly canceled North Shore, is Sunny from the kick-ass show Windfall. If you watched NS, she was a total blonde goody goody you hated for being so .....GOOD! On WF, she is a total skank-tified brunette temptress, who is whoring herself on Luke Perry! (not that I can blame her) (and do you watch Windfall?? How awesome was the way Luke Perry kicked out his two-timing wife? Pimp!)

If I were the president, I would make it unlawful to cancel a TV show, without an ending. That's reason enough to elect me. Plus, I can use the word pontificate in the correct context!


hot for jr. said...

Your family should be 2nd on your list of people to call. No.1, Work. No.2, your sister or mother. When we are used to reading your blog daily, and receiving at least 1 email a day from you, you should know by now that we freak out if we don't see you in 'cyber space'. I found out from Tayray that you talked to Bubba. 3rd party info isn't cool when I'm family!!

I think that Janelle should have had veto power taken away from her for yanking the doll from james, scratching him, and then kicking him. I can't believe I'm so wrapped up this seaon in Big Bro, but I am none the less.

MzAriez said...

I hope you are feeling better today.

One of my favorite words is defenestration.

Main Entry: de·fen·es·tra·tion
Pronunciation: (")dE-"fe-n&-'strA-sh&n
Function: noun
Etymology: de- + Latin fenestra window

1 : a throwing of a person or thing out of a window
2 : a usually swift dismissal or expulsion (as from a political party or office)

I've teased my friend that if he made me mad enough, I would defenestrate him. He freaked at first because he had no clue as to what I said. He took it to mean castration. I told him he was lucky because I have never been that mean. That's Lorena's job.

Keep smiling and I hope CP is pampering you.


supplymadam said...

Sorry aout your "chunks". Glad to see you back and in regular form. So you got an ass-kisser at work. Lucky you.
I look so forward to fall and punkins too. I wouldn't mind the fall all year round. Perfect weather for moi.

Janet said...

See I am rooting for Janelle over James. Janelle definitely is a vixen and I'm not so sure I would like her in real life (does she even have ANY female friends?) but James and his game play have been shady for two consecutive seasons now.

Say what you want about Janelle, but at least she's honest. It would be ironic if James went home for doing exactly what has been (falsely) accusing Janelle of all along.

BTW, I saw that you linked to TITMT but I dont see the post that includes your answers. Did I miss it? If you decide to play along, you just write about your answers somewhere on your blog and then link back!

Mon said...

JR: Actually I texted bubba, cus she texted me. While I'm off of texting due to the cost of my cell phone bill, it was ok in this instance, because I was sick.

Big bro rocks! I thought James comment was perfect when she tried to hug him 'dont be mad at me' and he said 'no janelle, thats poor sportsmanship' h aha ha ha.

That's a great word! I'll have to use it! CP was good to me yesterday, he didn't work until 2 so he made me feel better.

Oh yea, major kiss ass! And he's like....22 or something. (like I'm a well established business woman listen to me!) I love the fall too!

I was all for Janelle..Until she kept listening to Chill Town. So, she pissed me off. I'm fickle like that. I got it up late, but its there now!!

Hothousemomma said...

james is a baby I hope he goes. i am mean. Really the chill fools are the ones playing the game. It will be interesting to see who gets the boot!

Bianca Roland said...

They also always cancel the GOOD shows. I hate that.