"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

My Polish Eyes Are Smiling.....

So, this is the picture that I talked about being horrid with, that shows my wrinkles and freckles. I'm easier in small incriments, but I never said I was easy, did I?

You can also see the hole from my eyebrow ring. I never realized that was so noticeable. I bring this up so that in a couple of weeks, when My lines are gone, I can post another picture. Keep your fingers crossed!

And by a vote, what color are my eyes? I always say they are green. CP says they are hazel, but what the fuck does he know? My Momma has green eyes too. (nevermind that they are slightly bloodshot)

CP found out yesterday that he got his new job!! He will start the 14th, and turned in his notice this morning. I'm really nervous for him, but it'll be a good move in the end. He'll have a steady pay, set hours, 401k, and better benefits. The downside is that he will be working third shift. I'm sure we'll manage. The biggest problem I forsee is him messing up the GD house and leaving it for me to deal with. I'll be shocked if this doesn't happen. Otherwise, I'm perfectly fine with being alone thru the week. I enjoy my company. I'm a pretty cool chick.

My ex called me again yesterday. I think it's kinda funny, that he claims to be so happy, yet, keeps calling me. He wants to get together in the biblical sense. I told him when I was single it was a different story. You know what else? I'd kill CP if he let his ex call him like Z calls me. Total double standard with me. I have never understood my relationship with Z...together and broken up, and I don't know that I ever will. It's like he has mind control over me. Or maybe it's something deeper? I refuse to let my mind wander there though! Ever had someone like that? That never seemed to go away? There are a lot of things about him that I do miss, but more that I DON'T!

Then.... my CP just called and asked how the love of his life, and the light of his eye was. It's a sign. He wanted to tell me that he apperciates me and all that I do at home. And the fact that I'm still with him. We do that sorta thing.


Celina said...

His name is SAM. I never technically dated this guy, but 8 years later (after he graduated), I STILL have dreams about him!
Of course, I'm honest with R and tell him about them. And, he tells me (half joking) that he "fantasizes" about my best friend and some other old girl friends. Doesn't bother me, cuz I know HE is with ME.

blue turtle said...

wrinkles are a privilege of the aged!

WE should be proud. ... which is, of course, not why I hide in my shell.

Tayray said...

I'd say your eyes are green.

Mon said...

It is weird how some people get into your head like that!

Blue turtle:
I wish I felt priveledged. I'm working on getting rid of them!

me too, boys are color blind!

supplymadam said...

Definatley green. Because my husband's eyes are hazel and your eyes show more green than his. That's my story and stickin' with it.
Good luck with the wrinkles! It could be worse you know. You could have a big hairy mole.
Speaking of hairy moles. Where I used to work we ordered Chinese food to be delivered and the chinese guy that delivered it had a mole on his cheekbone with about 8 hairs that were so long they almost reached his chin. Ever hear of a scissor? Why you wouldn't want to trim that is beyond me.

Bianca Roland said...

There's one guy in my life that I dated once upon a time who I still keep in contact with to this day. It is unlikely that I would ever date him again, given the opportunity, but for some reason it is absolutely essential that I keep him in my life and know that he is safe and happy. He's one of the few people, for sure, that I know I could trust absolutely.

Anonymous said...

you're eyes are green mon