"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 04, 2006

Expect the Unexpected....

I drove in behind a dodge 4x4 powered by vegetable oil. Sweet. I'd like to get me a vegetable oil car. Dude had a sign on the back saying it was powered by the stuff, with a website and everything. Then he pulled into Speedway. Right up to the pump. What an asshole.

So, with our new found wealth CP suprised me. He came to work yesterday and brought me a dozen roses. It's a first for him, he's gotten some here and there, but not a whole dozen at once! And there was a box. Good things always come in small packages! He got me diamond earrings! Studs! I was just saying a week ago how I needed real diamond studs for my second holes and, he told me I don't get anymore diamonds until our 5 year anniversary. He's full of suprises! I guess I'll keep him. Funny thing is I was just telling Bubba moments before he arrived, that he hadn't done anything romantic in a long time. I guess he is off the hook. *swoon*

I've revoked my support for Janelle on Big Brother 7. I hate her now. She has abandoned her alliance and I don't hate nuthin' more than a lying hoe. Go James!!! If you watch, I'm spoiling it right here, by saying that Danielle is the new HOH. I love people with an online feed. Some day I aspire to watch them 24/7 too! I can't wait to see Janelle go home. She better. That's what she gets for working behind her alliance's back!

I got a new baby gate. This bad boy swings and everything, it's a gate. Let the dog try to knock this over and piss on my clean floors! Except...we need a drill to install it. I'm gonna try to borrow the maintenance guys from work. Not having tools, only gives the man an excuse not to accomplish tasks! My garage door also broke. You can't open it from the outside. CP said he can fix it. We'll see. It's always somethin'! My car does not like being outside. Nor, do I enjoy getting into a hot car.

We have a new kitten at work. It seems we always have kittens. Last year, I fed this litter canned food all the time. They were feral. I picked one up and I got bit. Little shits! The new one is orange and white and a tabby, with blue eyes. She's beautiful! We dunno if its a boy or girl cus she is afraid of us still. This morning on break, Lynn gave her some turkey. I loves me a kitten. Too bad I have 4 cats. Sigh. We'll take care of it at work though, it's our destiny.

Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999. I was 23 in 1999. And I just got divorced. Watch out world!!! We are going to kickit at the BOWLING ALLEY! Be jealous! It's my brother's hang out, and theres karaoke. I may be good at Silverstrike bowling (high score 169) but regular bowling, I am no prodigy at. I'm getting my brother a cake, and Kat's getting balloons.


Tayray said...

Janelle will be going home. I can't wait to watch her try to talk herself out of it. The drama on BB7 has started!! I was only 17 in 1999!

supplymadam said...

Oh CP is sweet. The man is love.
Maybe he should get himself a drill with his new found money. Good luck with the doggie baby gate. I tried that once and Angus wasn't having any of it. He is very willful. Kind of a challenge for me but he is getting better as time goes on. A little tired today after the Goo-Goo Dolls last night and Counting Crowes.It was outdoors and it was too hot to even clap. So we left in the middle of Counting Crowes because I only wanted to see my boyfriend John from the Goo-Goo's. That man is one great creation.
Have a great time bowling. Our league starts next month.
Don't forget your floaties!

Mon said...

so what you were 17. That just means when you sing the song 'party like its 1999' you have to think you were just a kid, but I was kickin it in the club!

CP said he needs to buy a drill, and he wants to just get one. I told him if he has one he'll have to do more work around the house though. Awesome concert! Not awesome that it is hot as hell! It would have been hot indoors too.

sazza said...

I love little kittens!
I am so happy because soon I shall have a little kitty-kat!

saz x

Kentucky Girl said...

Aww! Kitty meows! * love kitty meows *

Are you watching the live feeds of BB All Stars? 'Cause OMG. hehe

Mon said...

Kentucky girl:
I don't have the live feed, but I get on you tube and watch what people post, and Morty's TV has a lot of good people posting what happens, and some video there too. I LOVVVVE it. Next time I'm getting my own live feed! Our computer has been off and on for a couple of months. It would have been a waste of money for me.