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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Totally 80's...

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We attended 80's night at the Bier Haus. (Me, Kat, my brother, CP, Tayray, and Todd) It was just as the sign promised...fresh, wet fun! I tried to play 2 games of pool...I got 3 balls in! Yay! CP in true male form had to try to tell me how to play, instead of showing me. So I ignored him. There were contests, and I won a T-shirt from the bar. You had to guess what movies the songs the DJ played were in. I guessed Zanadu. It was the only movie besides Grease I knew Olivia Newton John was in. CP won a Bud Light hat, for knowing the song from Caddy Shack 2. I don't remember what Todd answered to win his prize, but he got a $50 gift certificate to the tattoo joint by our house! Lucky! We played trivia too, they were all movie trivia. I loves the 80's movies!

Kat was in rare form. Decked out in her 80's gear, she actually danced. It's totally unlike her. This is Kat, Me, and Tayray.

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There were some drunk girls there that were a blast and they drug us out to 'get footloose' and 'kick off our sunday shoes'. We did the electric slide, and the Cha-Cha. Tayray and Todd were cutting a rug in their own unique fashion. Todd tried to get me to dance to weird science, ummmm you can't really dance to weird science. I told him we needed bra's on our heads, then we'd be cool. We requested Hangin' Tough. Which was awesome.

The DJ had on some bad ass Madonna buttons. And a bunch of others with phrases that were cool from back in the day. Of course, we played Silver Strike bowling. We downed several of the shots of the month, which were Apple and Melon bombs. They tasted like jolly ranchers. Yum.

Before you knew it, it was 2 a.m. and we left the bar. My brother had to drive Kats little miata to my house. We stopped at the Circle K and I snapped a picture of her passed out.

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She spent the rest of the night on my bathroom floor, refusing to leave so we could pee, or Derek could shower. She said she needed a towel to 'hug on'. Drunk folks are fun! Me and my brother stayed up and drank at home, and watched the Clerks X anniversary bonus footage, and the world series of Pop Culture. Bed time? 5 a.m. I'm getting too old for this crap! Hey, see ya there, same time next month!


Tayray said...

It was the song in Karate Kid, when he finally wins. 'You're the best', maybe'= I dunno I knew it was that movie, cuz he has that song on his lifting CD.
See ya Sept 9th.

supplymadam said...

You guys sure know how to have to fun. I need a drunken night.

Hothousemomma said...

this photos if so fun. I to love drunk folks. Well mostly the passed out ones!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Apparently I'm told they were kicking me after they gave me a 'towel to hug on'. Nice friends I have! BTW: I have no clue why I wanted a towel to hug on.


Janet said...

I'm all for eighties night but the Cha Cha and the Electric Slide? How did those dances sneak their way in?:(

Mon said...

yea, it wasnt the fight for your honor song though...

heck yea, nothin like kickin back and making an ass of yourself, but it makes good memories. (or lack thereof)

We wanted to pile stuff on Kat, and see how high it would go before she moved.

oh poo, we didnt KICK you, just pushed you with our feet in case you woke up you wouldn't know it was us. You were content with your huggy towel. ha ha ha.

After 12 they took requests for anything, and they did the 2 dance songs. Then right before closing some young kids came in and requested some hip hop, and it was off the chain!

Anonymous said...

You're a drunk!


Mon said...

I'm pretty sure my friend Kat knows you from her warcrack game. And...um, she's the one who's passed out!

Suzi said...

Very fun! The eighties bring out the best in people!