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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

TITMT (Tell it to me Tuesday)

I've decided to participate in Tell it to me Tuesday. Over at The Art of Getting By. You can answer in the comments, or go visit the link above and sign your blog up too.

What is your favorite chick flick of all time...and why.

Being the movie buff that I am...it's hard to pick just one. (like cats...can't have just one) So I'll have to pick a couple.

1) Terms of Endearment

This movie has it all. Friendship, mother/daughter love, adultry, and death. What more do you need in one chick flick?

2) When Harry Met Sally

Because, no matter what girls say, men and women cannot be friends. It's true. Just like Harry says, they are all pretty much thinking about doing you.

3) Beaches

Say what you want about this movie. I sob every time I see it. And...I've seen it enough to know how it ends, ok? The bonds of friendship that every woman knows. Ugh. Awesome!

4) Stella (with Bette Midler)

Ugh. Talk about a good movie! A mothers sacrifice for her daughter's happiness. And for the famous line which my own mother and me use "massa card say he don't care when we pay him back"

5) Steel Magnolias

Another tear jerker. Movie about friendship, and how strong women really are to handle everything that we do. This movie envokes tears at many different points. Lot's of laughs, and lot's of tears.

I like lots of other movies, but some aren't considered classics yet. Like, Bridget Jones Diary, The Notebook, Cold Mountain, Under The Tuscan Sun. What are some of yours?

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