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Friday, November 30, 2007

Slumlord. Part 2...

I swear. You would think I live in the ghetto. I lost my power last night. Of course the first thought is....my bill's overdue, they shut my shit off! I work two jobs. Yet, am afraid my powers shut off? Is this sad or what? No one else lost power. I saw lights at the neighbors. But most people are asleep at 12:45 am.

It started Monday, when I had a space heater on, and I was drying my hair and flipped my power out in two rooms. Nice. I made my way to the garage and flipped the breaker. All by my lonesome. (I rock!) Poof, power's back!

Then, on Wednesday the neighbor called to tell me the whole building was without power. Nice. My lights had all been flickering off and on for a few days. Electric company came out, problem solved. Last night, about 12, I'm drying my hair, and the power goes out. All of it. I flipped the breakers. Nothing. After crawling around in the dark on all fours. Seriously, to find a small pen light I was playing with the cats with..I called the power company who took about an hour and a half to call me back. Meanwhile I envision my freezing to death with no heat. And wonder, how my brother can stand it, when he doesn't even have windows to close at his house.

They talk me through going OUTSIDE in the sub-zero weather, to flip my main breaker. It was kinda hard to do because the thing looks bout 80 years old. Neighbor said her power was half out last night, and the heat was off.

So, yea. The landlord moved to NC, and pretty much abandoned us. Remember when the power to my dryer plug went out? And she had some ghetto-ass electrician come and do this?

So, let's see if the landlord has our electric fixed. Just like she has our driveway plowed in the winter. Then the time I almost lost my car? I can hardly wait. Maybe this is more reason for me to move. I've been looking, but havn't found anything I can afford. And if I can afford it, there's NO PETS allowed. Bite me.

And another thing. I didn't get paid from the second job, in my bank account. They made me sign up for direct deposit 3 weeks ago. And I had a check last night...and no one told me. Fucking assholes! I hate that place!


Anonymous said...

Geeez, sounds like your landlord just gave up.

Hopefully you'll be able to find a place where someone will actually do something.

Good luck girl....and keep that pen light handy from the way it sounds.

EC said...

Ugh, that sucks! I'm so sorry - your landlord sounds like an ass! Hey, I live in NC, tell me where he is and I'll kiss his ass for ya ;)

Bianca said...

Well, look at it this way. Good things come in threes, right? Just like bad things do? So, you've lost a ton of weight, you've found an awesome man, and maybe next up is the perfect place to live!

Keep looking. It's out there somewhere!

Mon said...

yea, the electrician came out saturday and didnt fix a thing. dudes a real gem!

thats right! i should tell you where she is. the neighbor told her she had no heat and she said "is it cold up there?" uh. ya.

I never thought of it that way! Thanks, I hope you're right! I'm looking!