"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Vibrations...

Ok, ok, so I might be a little crazy. The man and I had a great conversation last night about CP. And it wasn't the type where he was downing him, or telling me what to do, it was a real live conversation about what I could take away from the situation, and what I could ignore. I swear, that boy never ceases to amaze me. You know, I am going to marry him one day. I havn't said that in a while, so I wanted to be sure you all still remembered. It's insane how good for he is for me. I remember a coworker telling me that when we first started talking he seemed like the kind of guy who would bring out the best in me, and help me achieve my goals by supporting them. Seriously. She's dead-on! Oh, the crazy part. He fell asleep on the couch while we were watching Shrek the halls....and I took a picture of him sleeping. Does that make me crazy? I don't think it does. He had the most adorable sleepy face, and I had to capture it. I left him sleep too, since we DID have a great workout. Twice. P.S. I've looked at his sleeping picture about 5 times today. I might be crazy. Or, I might just be in love.

I spent the morning in a warm bed with a snuggly man, who I happen to also be madly in love with. I had car trouble. It was cold out you know. I also happened to get some awesome advice on my phone interview today. He gave me a great pep talk, and it really put me in the right frame of mind! He is an amazing guy. He also happens to have the nicest ass I've ever had the pleasure of looking at. I couldn't ask for a better person. I know how lucky I am and it's my goal to never let him forget that I know.

So, the interview? Fabulous! The recruiter was really easy to talk to, and I was able to be myself. I had all the answers to the questions he asked, like what I thought the job entailed...which he said impressed him. (I only read the description a bazillion times)At the end he said he thought I did very well and he wanted me to move forward in the process, and scheduled me an interview next Wed. Another phone interview. This one he said would be more specific. I got a twelve page application. Twelve. Pages. I have to fax it to the lady who will be interviewing me.

I have to do some homework for the next one. You have to work for what you want. So, it's worth it! The money is right, plus you get bonuses, and if you enter the mentoring program (mentor other people in your position) you make more money. Plus, there is like 8,000 branches of this place worldwide. I could go anywhere if I needed to. I told him I would travel up to 40 miles. I could work 1 job. Say what? Send me your positive vibes! I may start the new year with a new, more challenging job....where I use my brain and stuff, like, oh my god!


Slick said...

Yeah girl, you're totally in love.

But I had an ass once! Thankfully, I divorced her.

Good luck with the job thingy!

EC said...

YAY! The interview and job sounds great... I'm crossing my fingers for you and sending positive thoughts!!!

And when are we going to see a picture of the man? HUH??

Mon said...

yea. Im in love. ha ha. I divorced my asshole too. thats the best thing to do with those things.

Thank you!! I hope to get something better, soon!
I havnt decided yet...I only have one of us so far. hmmmm. You can see him on myspace cus your my friend!