"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 09, 2007

Don't Hate Me Because...

First and foremost. I didn't hit 50lbs. In fact, I hit 47. Meaning, I GAINED two pounds. I blame my period for starting next week, and since I am a woman, and I have to deal with it every month I earned that right. Enough about it. It's not staying for long. Moving on.

I wouldn't consider myself a vain person. But, who the hell wants to walk around with scabby crusty shit on their face? And swollen lips? Not me! I've always been blessed with nice skin, and to have this stuff take over suddenly, has been detrimental to my self esteem. So I went to the Dr, without insurance (anyone want to adopt me? I do the dishes? Feed myself?) which cost me $60 bucks out of pocket for him to shine a light in my face for 5 minutes.

The conclusion? The pill can cause this sort of thing.

Dr: "can you live without it for two months?"

Me: "The pill??? Uh, no!"

Dr: "Right, I don't want you to get pregnant"

Me: "I don't want me to get pregnant either!!"

Then asked if my swollen lip could've been a cold sore. I said, I've never had herpes in my life! Gross!

So, I'm staying on the pill. Supposedly, if it's caused by the pill, it will subside by the second week into my next pack, which is in 3 weeks. All the crap should stop. Cramps, dizziness, headaches, ROSACEA! Nice!

Then I paid $79 for a prescription to clear it up. Yea, you heard me. I charged that shit. Massa-cawd say he don't care when I pay him back. Mmmm hmmm. Guess what 80 bucks'll get you? A 50% improvement on your crusty ass face, that's what! In a day it's better. Me likey!

The boy said the cutest thing, which is a total lie, but he said that the only thing he noticed on my face was my smile and his lips. Is this one adorable, or what? I am having other health issues. Like, my heart aches. And, to think about being in his presence again makes me squeal. Uh! And guess what? They wrote a song about him. Love the first line. Who wants to lock her man in the closet? Me!

I'm going to his house tomorrow, we're going out for his friends birthday. So, this means I'm not going to have my fill of him. If youknowhatimean.

I still havn't gotten paid for the second job. Calling the fucking assholes today. I am learning that to be an enlightened person, you understand that everyone is on their own paths in life. And they shouldn't bother you. That's where they are. This is where you are. Well...I mean, being nice and letting the world be the world is only ok for so long. Until it fucks with my income. Then we got problems!


Janet said...

That sucks. I was on the pill once and I swore that's when my bad headaches started. It just made me fell all sorts of off, so I went off of it and never went back since. No regrets.

RR Johnson Jr. said...

Condoms, condoms, hey men should be responsible too. You also find condoms in all different flavors now if you look hard enough, banana, strawberry, etc

Mon said...

seriously, its something that can mess with your body for sure!

Yea, they should be, but I'd never trust my body to a man like that fully. Im the one gotta carry a baby.