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Friday, November 23, 2007

Well At Least I'm Not THIS Girl...

I leave you with this fun for the weekend. Before, and after 50 lbs. I really can't believe I lost
50 lbs. It looks like it when you compare photos. I still have 20-30 more to go, but I'm quite happy with the results so far. Be kind. I'm not this girl anymore thank god. I sure treated myself like total shit! It's hard to find fat pics. Cus I avoided the camera!

This was me in August 2006.

This is me This month, November 2007

This is winter 2006. Debatable if it is February or November.
(nevermind the boob thing. It's how we roll)
uh, yea, horizontal stripes rock on a big girl!

This is October 2006. Nevermind the boob thing. It's how we roll.

Some day I'll have better photos. Like, of me swimming in my size 18 pants. Yea. I said it. Cus it'll never be me again! But I was bored at work so I decided to get something up here. Especially since today I'm feeling lardy!


Janet said...

I love how you don't take a lot of pictures, but when you do, you have a compare/contrast groping pic. That's classic:)

Mon said...

ha ha isnt it? thats just a thing we do. Whenever we are drinking, I'm accosted.

Slick said...

Daaaang girl...

A totalt transformation.

Lookin good Mon, lookin' good!

Mon said...


thank you thank you. Not done yet but yea, looking backs real fun ha ha ha.


Pardon the pun here... but wow! What a huge difference in your before and after shots. I hope you're totally proud of yourself girl!

Mon said...

thank you so much!!! I am proud. It doesnt seem like that much because it was so gradual for me, until you look at pics. especialy my work picture. its the WORST!

EC said...

Damn! Just damn! You look fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't you put those pictures away either, becuase just looking at them will be a huge motivator for you to keep the weight off. You look so good Mon!

Mon said...

Thank you! I know, looking back at them is a great motivator when I want to be lazy and eat chocolate! lol!