"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 05, 2007

Ummm..Like, No means No...

Friday, I didn't get paid from the second job. Nice. I had to call the landlord and ask her not to cash rent until today, and now I have to send extra money.

Turns out, the dickhead at work who turns in our "stats" didn't turn mine in. I've been clocking in and out, and "not working". Which not only means I don't get paid, it means it fucks up my productivity, which has to be at 80% to not get a write up.

Dude was raised in a carnival. Had rats for friends. You think that I made that up cus he's a creepy crawly dude, but that's the story he tells people. I told you I work with some real gems.

My brother loaned me a portion of what I needed, which was shocking, and nice. But now I'm in the hole already coming into my next pay. I figure, I'll be in debt to cash advance until at least after Christmas. How's that working 60 hours a week and getting ahead goin for ya? Fabulous thanks, pretty fucking fabulous. I could look back and blame lots of people for being in the situation I am financially, but really, I can only take responsibility for me.

Friday night, "someone" texted me. Let's refer to last week, when I told "someone" that I have a boyfriend, and that's that... right? Mind you I hadn't even seen him since before I went out with the boy, which is the longest we'd gone w/o seeing each other, so what the fuck?

Anyhow, Friday he texts me and asks when the last time I thought about "us" was. Huh? Was there an "us" to begin with? No! I said "it's been a while, I told you I have a BF now, and I am quite happy, I have everything I want. Not the kind of girl who does that sort of thing." /message.

Does having a mutually non-commited relationship make you a friggin' slutbag, or what? Seriously?

I'm just gonna stop responding, cus I told him what's up twice!

I didn't get to see that boy til about 9 on Saturday. Needless to say it was long overdue. *Ahem.*... We went to see "30 Days of Night". Cree-eepy! We met my brother for a couple drinks after the movie, it was like 1 am. Brother likes the boy. Like I said before, what's not to like? Seriously? You'd like him too. He right off the bat didn't like the exes.

Guess what the boy did for me on Sunday? Besides the wake-up, which goes without saying? wink wink. He put a door on for me.Yea, so not only did he do that, he put the door knob on the right way cus it locked from the downstairs and not the upstairs. He's smart about manly things! He was pretty good with a screwdriver too. And he's so good to me. I love it!

Then he took me to eat, and we went shopping. We went to Joann's to find baggies. I suggested looking in the wedding aisle cus they'd probably have them for favors. He said it was slick how I got him to the wedding aisle.

After all that business we rented movies and chilled out. I surely love him. Of course when he left I cried. I stopped even trying to figure out why I do that. Cus it isn't the being alone. I don't mind being alone....I just wish it never had to end. *sigh* And today I miss him terribly. I don't want to sound hokey and say that he 'completes me', but he definatly makes me feel 'right' when we are together. I always knew there was someone for me in the world, that would make me this happy. Who knew I just had to believe it, and be patient?

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Kentucky Girl said...

GOD...it seems like when you get right there where you're ahead of things, some other dumb shit pops up. That has to be sooo frustrating!

Boys are dumb, but some of them are pretty cool to have around. :)