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Friday, January 26, 2007

My Big Fish Story...

So we remember I live atop a grand hill, right? Of course it snowed and iced, and even though Tayray had to call and harass the landlord to have it plowed, it was still icy when I got home from work, and I saw Tayray parked next door in this landscaper's lot. I tried to park next to her, and I got stuck, couldn't go back or forwards. I had to truck it up the hill in the snow in my work clothes, luckily Tayray's man (Who I'm calling TM from now on) was home, so they came down and pushed me free.

I made it to work at the police station, where my ex-husbands (not so little anymore) cousin came in to file a police report. Her purse was stolen from her car at the Olive Garden. Note to everyone....there is a purse snatcher in the Belden Village/Lake Cable area, taking them from cars, and people. Each night we get several reports of this.

Anyway, I thought...I know this girl. I knew it was his cousin, and when she gave her name, that confirmed it. She was like 9 or 10 or something when we last were together. Now, she is driving, and working! Her mom was a rotten bitch too, but we won't go there.

Small world! The stinking trainee that came in, and kept begging for us to work the wknd, got us wknd hours. I don't want to freaking work the wknd. Now I have to go in tomorrow.
So I trot my butt home and CP said he'd be over when I got home, so I just go for it up the driveway vroooooooooom. I'm sliding around the whole way up, and I make it to the almost very top, and I'm spinning tires. Not going anywhere, but yet at an incline that I knew I could start sliding from at any moment.

So, I put the brake on and call Tayray, luckily TM was still over. He comes out. I'm
like, "I have no idea what the hell to do without wrecking". He told me to go back down backwards. I said "ummm, no thanks, can you do it?" So he said to put my car in park, I said won't it slide? He said just try it. I put it in park. Foot off the brake, it's not moving. Yay.
So, then I get out of the car for him to get in and I'm out and away from my car, and THEN it starts to slide down the driveway! Gaining momentum. There are 3 things my car could hit. The very deep ditch, a telephone pole, or the people across the street's house. I flipped out, he yells "get in the car get in the car!" In my effort to try to get in the car, the door smacks me in the mouth, (which fucking hurt)

In retrospect, the look on TM's face was priceless. I get in the car and yell "what do I do?" TM said put on the brake! I couldn't find the brake at first! I get it on and then my car turns sideways, and came within inches of hitting the telephone pole wires. Luckily, he got my car up with no incident, some spinning tires, but he didn't get stuck like I did.

Today, my lip feels like it has a bubble on it, and it bothers me. It doesn't look bad but it freaking hurts. My lips hurt real bad.

CP had to drive my car down for me this morning. I tell you what, it's getting really old contending with a hill. It hasn't even snowed much at all, and you can't keep the damn thing clear? C'mon! It's like a freaking battle to come and go!


Tayray said...

LOL!! Its funny today since it all worked out, but my heart stopped when that happend and I kept yelling at you guys, WATCH THE DITCH!! The other neighbor came out and was going to help you, but I said my b/f is down there, he said Ok and went inside.

Bianca said...

I had to contend with that kind of crap a couple of days ago. Now we have beautiful 50 degree weather, and all the snow is melting off. I want the snow back!

Anonymous said...

I wish I couldve been there, but Ive kissed your lip a million times now and helped you with your car this morning. I also hope you liked lunch. Lord knows I love the desert afterwards.

Anonymous said...

I can see myself doing that. I sympathize. Back in the day when I lived in my apartment the neighbors used to help get me unstuck everytime it snowed. They surely hated me by the start of spring.


Frances said...

Sending healing vibes your way from New York.
Sorry about having to work the weekend - that sucks.
Stay warm and safe.

Charlie Mc said...

a porn site stole my blog address! Bored at the Beach has moved to http://cmac23ny@hotmail.com

Thanks! Miss you!

Charlie Mc said...

I meant http://cmac23ny.blogspot.com

emails, blogs, I am confused.... :)

Mon said...

our neighbor walked up the driveway lol he aint no dummy.

um people who like snow are a special people. I dont love it.

me too, know any rich men who want to marry a swell gal?

Oh my gravy, glad i got this before visiting at work. lol