"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, November 23, 2007

Post-Turkey Day

Well. I opted not to weigh myself this week. Since, I only worked out once. And, I ate quite a lot of bad things. It's a whole new week starting this weekend, so we'll nip 'er in the bud. Mostly I just feel bloated. Too much sodium. Bleh. I'm over it! I'ts only temporary. Moving on!

Who's working today? Anyone...? Anyone...? I am. Me, and the rest of the secretaries. Who has a phone interview next week for a financial company and a way better position? Me. Who applied to work at corporate for a major restaurant chain? Me. Who wants to make more money? Me. I'm so sick of being an hourly employee. Clocking in and out. Waiting a YEAR for vacation. A billion other things. With the size of the company I work for, you would think I'd make bank. But I don't.

I had a splendid time on turkey day with the man's family. Me and the man had a miscommunication I suppose. But of course I called my Momma upset, who told me that he has boundries, and I am forgetting mine, and I'm over reacting. When the hell did I become so fracking emotional? Seriously? I have never been like this. It's really strange to me. I guess I'm still getting to know all the changes in myself. Being so head over heels about someone doesn't help in the emotion department I guess. Talking to my Momma did help I guess. I just have to learn what advice to take, and which to ignore. *ahem*

And, everything was perfection on Thursday. I got there about 9 am, which means someone didn't get to sleep in on her day off work, and got up at 7am. The family was super nice, and I offered to help a lot so I felt more comfortable around them. I made my ever-popular peanut butter pie, and people ate it. Which was a good sign! The man's dad had me oil the turkey. Have I ever mentioned how I pretty much despise touching raw meat? Yea, cus it makes me wanna hurl. Now, that's love.

The turkey was yummy! Everything was good! I even got to spend some quality time with the man, and it was long overdue. I'm pretty high maintenance where the quality time is concerned. I just wanted to kiss his lips off! Well, we also went thru music, and he burned me some CD's which I'm listening to at work!

I didn't get any rest. I started to doze off around 11 watching a movie, and he was snoring ever-so-adorably on my lap, so I took off. I made it home in 45 minutes, which was pretty good for me. Then I was up til 1:30 reminicing about how cute my man is, and how I can't stand leaving him, and I can't wait until I don't have to anymore. I know things will happen as they are meant to. It's gotten me this far, so I just have to trust in that.

Did everyone eat buckets of food, and have a nice family arguement?

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Anonymous said...

I definatly ate too much! Glad to read you are so happy! You deserve it from all I've been reading.