"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Bah Humbug...

I was way too busy to update Monday. You know, give people a couple days off, and the world seems to fall apart. Pffft. Today we have a three hour meeting. Three. Hours.

I have a phone interview Thursday with a major financial company. One that would give me the freedom to move around if need be. The office I'm interviewing for is in my old hometown. I'm sure the phone thing is a weeding process, and hopefully I make it through that one and onto the next stage. There were a billion times to sign up for when I applied. I think I may enjoy the job, its as a manager of sorts, and it sounds like I could use my skills, and move up with the company.

You know, my face is still a mess? Now, of course, it's not as bad as it was, but it was almost cleared up when I was on my last week of "the pill pack" because I wasn't taking the damn pill. The stuff I have to put on it to make it go away is about in the laugh lines spot on my face, and it's drying my face out so bad, I have permanent wrinkles! This, is war! If those fucking dicks at planned parenthood don't change my script, someone is going down! Fo' show! I mean, you can do a lot to me before I get pissed, but giving me wrinkles? That'll cost me thousands in the long run to undo! Bastards! I'm telling them I've been blowing chunks for weeks and I need a new script!

Because I like to share, here is what I witnessed at the second job. I'm sitting facing an open office, where this one girl scans jobs. She kept looking at me and I kept looking at her cus I felt watched. Turns out she was watching me to see if I was looking at her. Because, I witnessed her dig her finger in her ear.....inspect her finger for a while....and then stick that finger in her mouth and eat her ear wax. Biting the nail and everything. She isn't visibly retarded, and they have her running this big scanning machine. So, I think she's just nasty with no excuse!

I booked a nice cabin for me and the man to stay at for my burfday! (Which..is in um, 17 more days people) I'm so excited, I get to spend TWO nights with him, that alone is a slice of heaven. The place I got has three bedrooms, so we have plenty of area to cover. A fireplace, full kitchen, and a jacuzzi! Guess who is going to have a memorable birthday? That'd be me! Yup! Mmm hmm! Guess who gets to remember it with with the sexy man who rocks her world? Yep, me again! The more I think about things, the more it kinda sucks to not be me. Unless you like your job. Then, maybe you have one thing I don't. And then again, it's just a job. I'd rather be happy in all the other aspects of my life. Which, I am. So, I'm not jealous if you and your stupid job. Piss off!

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babylamb said...

Ok that's just gross. Eating ear wax... Nasty!!!!

BTW!!! I had a dream about you last night. Don't worry it was nothing bad.It must have been because you didn't post... It was about my mom and you blogged about it...
Maybe I'll write about it today.