"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, November 12, 2007

And Then, There's Monday...

Today is one of those days, that if you had super powers, you'd stop time, go back to bed, and forget happened. That, by the way is my super power of choice. Stopping time. For sleep. When you work all the time, that's all you think about. And sex. I could also stop time and work out, and clean my damned house. Perhapse even throw in taking advantage of the man while time is stopped. He'd never know the difference. Right?

My day? All I did was submit 5 travel requests for one of my VP's weeks ago. One came back needing ok'd. I didn't check it, because they never need ok'd 3 weeks out the way I submitted it. Turned out the guy called wanting approval last week or it would be canceled. My VP wasn't in the office. I got back to them Friday and it needed re-booked. Long story short, I've got both the dept managers, the divisional, and senior VP all involved, giving me shit about it because it cost the company more money. I really don't see what I did wrong, as I do this all the time with no problem. The travel guy claimed he left me 4 msgs and never heard back from me. Which is BS I contacted him twice.

It's apparently a huge deal. And, now, I'm going to get reemed about it. I've heard shit from everyone. Who needs this? Not me. I have enough stress. Like, how I work two jobs and still have no money to pay my car payment on Wednesday, because I still havn't gotten paid. I have no time to take my dog to the vet, who is now sick again. Nor do I have the money. Remind me again why I'm working 60 hours a week? Cus, it's kind of hard to remember. Seeing how I'm worse off than I would have been working 1 job.

The good news is that my physical health feels better. I have decided to blame it on lack of a healthy dose of the man. Because as soon as I saw him on Saturday, everything went back to normal. Why he gotta be affectin' my body that way? I dunno. I guess since it's fantastic being with him, it's worth the pain on the in between. *sigh*

We had a good time this wknd, we went out to eat with his friend and his girlfriend, and to the bar. I had this yummy draught cider. I could take a bath in it, and still drink the whole tub. It's that good. We just hung out on Sunday, and watched 1408. That was a good movie! We did have some time to ourselves which felt good. If you consider that I had to share him with two dogs, who also made themselves at home on his lap. How adorable is that? Pretty damned!

Also, Kat is back from Japan, which makes me happy because she will go out with me. I was so lonley without her. She's not allowed to leave me again. She did however get me some cool hello kitty stuff, and a bad-ass buddha! I also got a rock from the temple! I love my rocks man!

I'm going to look for another job.


EC said...

Jeesh Mon, how can you even think about looking for another job? Maybe you should look for one that pays more than both combined?? I know, easier said than done ;)

Mon said...

That's what I mean, another full-time job, so I dont have to work two jobs.