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Monday, November 19, 2007

Million Dollar Doggie...

I'm so tired. This morning, I tried to put deoderant on my toothbrush. I'm perpetually tired. I never get enough sleep. I guess it doesn't help that I spent time being upset last night. But let's not get into that, nothing bad happened. It's just my stupid heart. Motherfucker get's in the way sometimes!

Saturday, I woke up at 9am. When was my vet appointment? 9 am. I had to call and lie that I was running behind, and I made the 30 min drive to the vet in about 15 minutes. The dog, cost me $241. She had a total overhaul. I took her to the exotic hospital where I take the rabbit. Cus, they do their own testing, and my old vets nice and all but, old school. Anyway, they scraped her skin twice and made her bleed to see if she had bacteria, or mites or something. Because she stank. And when I say stank, I mean, my entire house has smelled like the dog for months. It doesn't go away.

The dog's new medicine arsenal is this, two shampoos every other day. So in addition to the billion other things I have to do after work at 11pm, now I have to give the dog a 45 minute bath. Love it. She's on antibiotics for a month, for her upper respiratory and nasty skin. Steroids for her itching. Wipes for her face/ears because, she has a yeast infection of the entire body, and some bacterial infection on her stomach. A new eye medication that she will be on daily forever in addition to her already daily eye medication. And fish oil capsules.

The good news is, after one round of all the medications, she feels better! Yesterday, when I got home she was doing her little doggie dance. And she was eating like a horse! She's worth it. I told her I had to work two weeks at my second job to pay for her vet visit but she could care less.

Basically all the plans I made with the man this weekend fell thru. We still had a good time though! We went to dinner, and went to see American Gangster. Yesterday we went to the store (aaaah) and got stuff to make yummy breakfast, which was fun, cooking with the man. Cus, you can do fun stuff like grab his junk, and bask in his many skillz. We cuddled all day and watched movies, and it was heavenly! I just want to be with him forever. I don't really think that forever even seems long enough.

I'm pretty unhappy at the old J-O-B. Job hunting on my lunch. My ring came in however, and that makes me smile!


Frances said...

Glad the doggie is dancing again.
Sounds like a lovely breakfast.
Happy Cuddling!

Kentucky Girl said...

Yeah, these furbabies seem to cost more than real babies sometimes. Or at least it seems. :P

Glad to hear she's doing better. Poor thing must have been miserable all itchy and stuff.