"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Sunday, August 12, 2007

You Might Be Having A Bad Night If....

You are hauled into the police station in your bridesmaid dress. Sobbing all alone in the lobby, while you wait for your parents to come from 45 minutes away to pick you up. It might be worse if the secretary on duty, plays on the internet instead of maybe asking if you are ok. My job description did not say babysitter. Yet, this is the second person I've had to watch cry in the lobby. The sergeant picked this chick up drunk, walking down the street. He says her friends left her. After paying all that money for a bridesmaid's dress? Which BTW, is tiffany blue, with black buttons down the back, and a silk black sash, it's sooo cute! I'd never talk to my friends again. Betches.....

Speaking of betches, I got another letter from CP from rehab. I think he is on the step where you tell the truth to make yourself feel better, and make those you lied to feel even more like shit for trusting you. I don't have much to say about it, cus we really weren't together since last October. We were just friends.

Turns out, he stole more than he told me about. He dated two chicks he never told me about. I think it bothers me cus he professed his every-lasting love for me while steadily seeing other people. I never said I still loved him. I told him quite the opposite. But I still never told him about someone still being in the picture. I think I selfishly liked the attention. Sue me. Not to mention, the thing with someone is probably not going anywhere anyhow. He really wants to see me. But, I'm not ready for that just yet. He doesn't deserve to see me. (this is where you say I'm totally right)

Well, last night I went to the bar with Kat. There is a boy I think is cute that is there, and he is newly single. Single=good.

This is the billionth time I've had to buy food for me and my brother. Today I told him "I don't have the money to keep buying food, so make it last" I think he just assumes my Mom sends me money every week or something. Does he really have no concept of how much food he eats, and how much it costs? Seriously?

Then, he complains because I had ground turkey and no beef, and how it has no flavor. I mean, if I was staying somewhere for free, where everything was given to me, and someone picked up after me, bought my food, prescriptions, toted me around, while they worked two jobs and were never home, would I really have the balls to complain that the meat provided for me was of the wrong species?



Suzi said...

Ugh. Your brother really sounds like a piece of work. Shouldn't he be all better one of these days? Maybe you should start buying stuff that is nutritious, but that he doesn't really like. Like ground turkey.

EC said...

You can't get rid of him?? Seriously Mon you have your own life to live, and he can't be mooching off of you all of the time!!!

I'm sorry that CP had to lie to you, and I'm sorry that he told you the truth - damn, I had when rehabs make them do that, lol. I think we'd all be better off not knowing!!!

Mon said...

i buy myself fruit, veggies, and dont eat the junk I buy him. He eats my healthy stuff then starts on his own food. Then, im left high and dry! he'll eat it, but complain about it. He sure is a peice of work!

I'm trying to et my mom and sis to take him for a while. Its been two months. TWO. MONTHS!.
I know, id rather live in my own world sometimes. Its much nicer here!