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Thursday, August 30, 2007

I Havn't Got a Title....

Well, first things first. As of today, I've lost 34lbs. THIRTY-FOUR! I am 1lb away from my goal for next Thursday! And, halfway to my overall goal. You know, 10 of the 34 I have lost in 1 month? I track everything I do, so I looked to see what was different? In 5 months I lost 22 lbs. And this last month and couple weeks is going so much quicker. What's different? Well, working every weekend, I havn't drank any alchohol in over a month. Ding ding ding ding!! And, I added some different stuff to the workouts I'm doing. And I cut out bad carbs almost completely. I have them once a day vs. 10 times. But mostly I'd guess it's the lack of alchohol. Which I do miss. Terribly. Sniff sniff. I'm sure once a month wouldn't kill me. But at this point, I don't
want to jack up my progress. See how that works?

And, what amazes me is that I weighed 34lbs more. I think I had that reverse body dismorphia. I didn't think I looked bad, but even looking at my ID badge from work that was taken in December. Uh, yea, I was way fatter! At the time I thought I looked ok!
Now that I'm on such a roll I asked my sis where I can workout in Va Beach. I can't take that many days off! I want to try to go to Mt. Trashmore to walk. It's made from poop. I dunno if
that's true, but it's solid waste. Poop is solid waste. You may note that it is on EDWIN (link is to my New Years You tube video of Edwin pics/music) drive. It's a sign from the universe that going there is a positive thing! I'd also like to walk at least a mile of my 3.5 a day on the beach, since its suppose to be a good workout.

Today, I'm going to look at a car. I am so nervous. And guess what? I spent last night cleaning out my car in case I trade her in, and then I tried to roll up the windows and slooooowwwwwllllyyyyyy the battery died. The windows wouldn't even roll
up. How ironic. Tayray and her man came home from the bar and jumped my car. Honestly, I was afraid it would explode, cus you know those things can blow if you do it wrong. Alchohol and car stuff shouldn't mix. Anyhoo - I dunno what my car options are yet. So, I might not even get one. It has to be cute, cus my car is way cute. I wouldn't give up a cute car for
nothin. We'll see! Wish me luck. Think....Pontiac G6....(that's what I reallllly want)

And, I had the whole night to myself! Brother was working! Yippeee! Alone, up until I went to bed! So, I got alot done. Worked out, swept, and scrubbed the carpets, and washed my seat covers, vacumed furniture. Lots to do to get ready for company! Let me mention, that my steam vac belt broke. So I can't use it as an upright now, I had to do my floors with the furniture attachment. I'll have to replace the belt for next time. That was a chore and a half! Brother also made mention that if he gets enough cleared out at his house he would stay there. As, tomorrow he is working, and I am going after working all day to pick up my Momma in WV. Two. Hour. Drive. One. Way. But we'll see. I'm no good with directions, and taking a solo drive may be detrimental. I will have 6 days with my momma. I'm working all 6 days. Fooey!

I dunno what they'll do when I'm gone about driving. My mom isn't driving much since her accident. And, I don't want my brother tooling around in my car to go to work especially since the last time I let him use my car when I was out of town; a week later, I found a trashbag FULL of empty beer bottles IN MY TRUNK! Like, I couldn't get arrested for that! He's a
fucker sometimes. He doesn't know the meaning of the word garbage can.

P.S. The shit second job shorted me 10 hours on my pay. I worked 18 hours and I got paid for 8. I was only banking on that money for my trip. I've called them three times and they are "processing it" they tried to blame me too. Typical!


Slick said...

34 pounds is awesome girl! Congrats!!

Good luck with picking up your Mom, a 2 hour drive is a long one to make by yourself....be careful!

THW said...

Frickin' sweet on that weight loss! Congrats. That's a very awesome achievement.

Bianca said...

34 pounds is amazing. Go girl! I hope you're planning on buying yourself something sparkly when you're all done.

Mon said...

thank you! im quite amazed!! im gonna get some red bull. It is a long ride alone!

thank you! I feel fabulous!

I'm gonna get me a spectacular sparkly from work! =)