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Sunday, August 26, 2007

One With The Land...

This is a fawn I saw today on my hike. You are not allowed to make fun of me talking to the deer. If you think this is bad, you should be at my house for 10 minutes. I'm slightly animal obsessed like that. It's what makes me so damn loveable.

You know, it was about 93 degrees today with 90% humidity. And I decided to go for a hike at Sand Run. When I say hike, I mean a hike. There were huge hills. I opted for the 3.3 mile Mingo Trail, because I normally walk that many miles each day. No problem! Shit, this was something else. My hair was dripping non-stop with sweat, my entire shirt was soaked. I was literally melting! But I even ran up some hills, took the steps on the path two-by-two, and only rested twice.

But along the way I saw lots of nature, and I love nature. It's this kind of day that I really needed. To appreciate the beauty in the world. And stop complaining about life for a while. I really needed to be alone with my thoughts today. And, seeing how I can't be alone in my own apartment, I opted for something different. It's an absolutely beautiful trail! Not the same old canal like the towpath by my house. Besides, we were closed due to flooding. My little town really made the paper. The two canals flooded together. Covering a park in betwen the two. It was a sight to see. Too bad I never went and took pictures. I did however, take pictures from the park today.

A picture of the video fawn's sibling. It was further away so I just snapped a zoom photo

There was a babbling brook

A peaceful waterfall, that I really wanted to jump in

Lots of bridges!

I'm slightly obsessed with rocks. I have to always take some home with me on my travels. Look at all these rocks! I only got two small ones though. Too far to haul the good ones.

I'm at work this evening. I guess they changed the schedule and I'm off the weekend I go see Edwin. That could change though, as things tend to do around here.

Tonight, seriously, some chick called to tell me that her "boyfriend" was at another girls house drinking and he's already had one DUI and what could we do. This took her approximately 15 minutes to tell me. Um, how about you solve your domestic problems yourself, and don't bother the police with it? Thanks.


LadyBanana said...

That looks like a great place to walk around... Nowhere like it around here...

RR Johnson Jr. said...

Some really nice pictures. By the way what happened to your own picture for your blog. It looks a little bit wierd.

Bianca said...

I wish we had some pretty and safe places to hike around here. I think I would enjoy that.

Mon said...

one good thing about living around here, we have lots of parks to go to like this!

RR: I moved my profile pic so this is the result until I get it back online. its still me, just mostly my head.

Its fun! I always worry about being one of those girls you see on the news. I dont think anyplace is truely safe.