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Saturday, August 18, 2007

If I were a bitch this wouldn't have happened....

But, it's 9:00 on Saturday night, shouldn't you be at home, resting for another night of working? Funny you should ask. Yes, I should. Instead, I'm fucking working. The day shift girl called off, and we are expected to cover the shifts. Nevermind that I worked til 7 am after working my day job 8-5. They called me like five times starting at noon. Hello? I'm fucking sleeping. Then their messages got more ridiculous "you need to call back, you have to come in early". Ok, so it's ok to call YOU at 4 a.m.? What's the difference I was trying to get my fucking 8 hours sleep. I woke up nauseus. I feel like shit. I didn't work out. I feel more like shit. I'm exhausted. I got nothing done at home.

Now, we have to wear uniforms. They also think I'm buying new pants, and being "reimbursed" for them. Instead of buying two pair of pants at $30 (who the fuck can find two pair of pants for $30, are we living in 1982?) I submitted to the major, a printout of my bank account balance. At 32 cents. Yes. I did. I let him know that I have plenty of black, and khaki pants to wear to work, and if I have to buy new ones to look like someone elses, I need to be advanced the money. I think that they forget we make $8.25/hour or something. Consider this phase 2 in my becoming a bitch, and getting everything I want.

I'm applying at Dillard's Monday. Girl I work with makes $9/hr there. She's been there 3 months and got a 15% raise. I'll have to work more often, but you know what? I'll be off work at 9pm. No working 11-7. I can go OUT on the weekend. This place can fuck clean off, and love it. I'm tired of being treated like a God damned peice of shit. I know, they aren't going to let me off to go to VA in Sept. so, I need a back up job, when I ditch this hell hole. It's not my fault they fired some skank for screwing officers, and have not replaced her in 2 months. No one wants to work here, because of how they treat you.

Speaking of work. One of my coworkers, got $100 cash Friday from one of her VP's cus she is having money trouble. "A gift". Money trouble? I'm the president and CEO! Oh, guess what? She's a bitch to her VP 99% of the time. I am a sweet girl. Things that you hear me say at work; "I'll handle it". "No Problem". "Absolutley." "You need that now? Sure thing!" "It's wrong? Let me check into it, and get back with you".
Things you hear her say at work; "No". "You're wrong". "I didn't do it". "I can't possibly handle that I'm swamped." On top of this, she's online all day, and making personal calls.

Last night, a guy gets hauled in about 4 a.m. for driving drunk. Plus he had a lot of cocaine. His female passenger sits in the lobby for a half an hour. She asks to use the restroom. Then she comes up to the window and starts tapping on the mic (which is a bagillion decibles in my little room mind you. And I'm sitting right in front of it, I could see her dumb ass standing there)

Bitch: "excuuuuuuuse me, I'm not under arrest or nothin, I jus' wanna go home. Aint y'all got somebody you can call to take me home or somethin, cus it's cold here, and I don't care what HE do (waving to the video monitor of the man she came in with in the back room) I wan' go home."

Me: (as polite as one can be at 5 a.m.) "do you need to use a phone to call someone?" I mean what the fuck do I look like? A travel agent?

Bitch: "NO!, I aint got nobody to call. I aint got no money, he came to pick ME up, I didn't pick him up, and now I aint got no ride home."

Me: (still polite) "There's a phone in that room over there you can use"

Bitch: (louder still) "I said i aint got nobody to call! You aint got nobody I can complain to?"

Me: (thinking, watch this bitch get a ride home) "I'll see if the sergeant is available to talk to you".

The sergeant comes out and she is just as rude to him. He asks her a few times if she wants a cab, she has no friends etc...Then he leaves to go make some calls. Long story short, the bitch got a police ride home at 5:30 am cus she was a bitch. No one else gets a police ride home. It's like a special detail, they have to be dispatched for that. Oh well, at least she waved goodbye to me. My work here is done.

Do you see what I mean though? Bitchy girls get everything? Check with me next year when I'm married to a billionaire who adores me, because I told him to. Laugh it up, I've only discovered the secret to life.

Kat sent me a cute link. If you like cats, then you'll love cats in sinks. Kittums just love the sink!


RR Johnson Jr. said...

Mon, you're in dire need of one of my hot oil massages, to include the back, feet, and hands. You definitely seem to need a vacation. I wish I could give you a paid vacation.

Frances said...

Bitchy girls do get everything.
We would have been hitching home!
Hope Dillards works out.
Waving at you from New York,

EC said...

Get the fuck out of that job... at least if you need to buy new pants at Dillards they give you a discount! :-)

Perfect Patti said...

I found you from Whatever blows my skirt...and have been reading for awhile. Just wanted to say, "Hi! Hang in there..you're making it, and you have a good head on your shoulders."

Rachel said...

Your job sounds stressful. However, it must be entertaining. That sucks working nights though. I'd be a zombie.

Mon said...

Hecks yea I am! I've never had a professional type massage. See how deprived I am?

thank you I hope it works out too!!

I know, 25% off clothes would be pretty awesome!

ahh, thank you! That's a compliment that I take to heart!

It is stressful. but then there are the hours where I surf the net! lol. Those times are nice!