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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Hell---Ohhhh, Kitty!..

So, I came across this website, while perusing LOL cats when I should have been working at the police station today/last night/whatever the hell you wanna call it.

I love Hello Kitty. I have a Hello Kitty bathroom people. You can buy this shit for your cat. Seriously. I'm fucking jealous.

Now, I'm all for humiliating your pets by dressing them up. I happen to have the perfect cat for this outfit. I want one...so bad. Am I sick? Maybe, but what else are pets for if not to bring you enjoyment? My cat would love it, because putting it on would be a form of attention, and she is all about that attention shit.

Oh, by the way. Have I yet mentioned, how I paid off a credit card today? No? Well get use to it. I'm milking this accomplishment for a long time. Those bastards charged my annual fee of $59 because the balance was only 98 bucks putting it well over $100 again. They didn't foil my plans of paying it off though. That bitch is DONE. Stick a fork in it! Boooo-----yahhhhhh!


dr1 said...

This is freaking hilarious!

sir jorge said...

now that's a cool shot.

Missy319 said...

I think I have to have this too!

Frances said...

Ilike your new profile pic.
The kitty is too much - I laughed out loud as soon as she appeared.
Congrats on getting a card paid off - I did one last month and it felt soooo good.
Take care,

QueenieCarly said...

That cat looks so satisfied with its life. It almost as if that outfit made it a better cat. You really should pick it up, it's got your cat's name written all over it!

Congratulations on the zero balance. That's always a feat worthy of celebration.

Mon said...

I agree! I want one so bad!

Sir jorge:
I agree, that cat loves its outfit!

I'll race you!

Thank you! I'm feeling pretty good latley! Thank you! And yes, it is a great feeling to pay one off. One step closer to financial freedom! wooo hooooooo

I agree, the cat is at peace with itself. lol. My cats will hate it and look like it's killing them!

AMPlifier said...

Ironically, someone pointed out the below site to me today; since you love Hello Kitty and work in a police station, I thought you might be interested. Perhaps you should move to Thailand:


Like your style. I'm blogrolling you.