"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, August 23, 2007

And Then I Got More Good News...

Last night I was so grateful for the night to myself. It ended up being only a couple of hours after I worked out, got a bath, got the mail, it was 9:00 and I really only had an hour to myself. But I did do the following things...

I worked out better, because I was able to push myself more, and make stupid grunting noises and not feel stupid. I did a lot more butt work, because seriously, who wants to be on all-fours in front of their brother? I took off my clothes when I was done working out, and announced to the pets that I was walking around naked. All the while giggling. I got a bath, with the door open, so I could have the a/c cool me off, and I could listen to the TV. This is my most favorite single-living thing to do. Besides, walking around naked.

I got my clothes on, and walked the dog to get the mail. I was super excited to find my new Fitness magazine (thanks to Kat's 2-for-1 subscription!) in my box! I ran upstairs, turned off the TV and layed on my couch in the peace and quiet, and read my magazine. Cover to cover. Did I mention I had quiet time. With no TV? Yea. I did. I found all sorts of yummy recipes, and tips.

After this, I went down to weigh myself. I thought, it's been two weeks, and I really honestly thought I probably put on a couple pounds. Guess what? I didn't. I lost 3 more lbs! I'm up to 27 lbs lost! Almost 30!! My first goal I set is 35lbs. I am setting this as my goal for vacation. I can do that in two weeks if I change up some workouts. It's only 8lbs.. No problem! I've never stuck it thru the rough patches before , I'm proud of myself! I didn't give up! I've had weeks of not losing anything, gaining, and hating working out to the point I would cuss up a storm at the thought of it. It really does all pass if you keep up with it. It's not a lie.

I was really tempted to weigh myself this morning, because I probably weigh a pound less in the morning. But, I didn't! I figured, it'll be that much of a suprise the next time I weigh in!
After this excitement, I ran up and down my stairs 20 times, for more exercise, chanting, I lost 27 pounds! I lost 27 pounds! The cats all ran to hide from me. I told them, I lost more than their combined total weight! Ideally, I'd like to lose 50 more. Which maybe will be easier. It really seems like I lost nothin for months, and now, it's all happening.

I watched Anchorwoman, and just started the Sweet 16 food challenge, and here comes the brother. pfffft. The good news is he goes back on Friday. I am off tomorrow night. And, I don't want to have to haul his freaking ass around! I seriously doubt he's making any progress at his house either. He said his leg didn't bother him but he had a hard time breathing in the heat. Well, I said, you've laid around for 3 months, it'll get easier.

Speaking of work. My boss pulled me into an office yesterday. She asked if I'd posted for the executive secretary position in my department. I said no. I havn't been here a year and I didn't know if I'd like it. She said the only way to know is to post and interview for it. I said yea...then she said that it's along the lines of her knowing my capeabilities, and wanting me to advance. It pays more, just slightly more than I made at my last job I was just complaining about. It's a bigger discount, wink wink...I just don't love the guys I'd work for. Or the manager. Same department, but different. Me hate-um big change. Wish me luck.


RR Johnson Jr. said...

walking around naked?...now you've really peaked my curiousity

Rachel said...

Sounds like you had a great, quiet night at home. Good for you! Good luck on going for the promotion! I'm rooting for you.

TJ said...

Lots of luck and the thought of change sucks but in the end it's usually good :-)

Mon said...

lol. its liberating! I think most people do this when they are home alone, don't they? It's like a luxury!

thank you, i need luck!

this is true. My current FT job ended up being a good thing. Well, aside from the pay.