"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Friday, August 10, 2007

Where I Brag Some More...

Last night I was on pins and needles during Big Brother. I couldn't wait to see the look on Dick's face when Eric didn't go home. I was screaming, laughing, rejoicing. I love my TV programs. I loved that they didn't get their way. They all voted Nick out, but want to blame it on Eric. It's unfair. The Amber and Eric fight was no way near as cool as the fights everyone has with Jen. I so wish I had showtime to watch after dark. The fight with Jameka and Dick at the end looked like it was going to be juicy!

I didn't have a chance to update at lunch. I went to Old Navy to take back a skirt I got to wear to the store this week and never wore. Since, I happened to fit into a skirt I already had. Thankyouverymuch. I exchanged my skirt for two pairs of pants that fit me without a hangy crotch and butt. I got a cute pair of khaki cords, and a new pair of black pants. Go ahead and ask me what size pants I got? 14. I'm the size of the average American woman. I havn't been for years. I was way bigger than that. So, I'm rockin the size 14.

However, I still wear larger in some clothes for instance, the pair of jeans I just got into for the first time in over a year today, are larger, but way smaller. That whole, girls wear 15 different sizes rule. Love it. So, even though for another week, the scale has not BUDGED, I'm losing something. I hate the scale.

Speaking of the scale and not losing weight. I didn't work out yesterday. I came up with the best excuse ever, there were bad storms and tornados. I decided if it was my last day on earth I didn't want to be working out. The downside is, the night is long, when you dont spend 2 hours working out. I was sorta bored. Lesson learned.

I'm off tonight! YAHOOOOO! I work tomorrow night. Bleh. I feel guilty, that I am going out tonight for a drink. I yearn for the carefree days when I could go out whenever I pleased and answer to no one. But no, my brother will guilt me into taking him or something and I can barely afford to go out myself. I also feel bad, that I 'm getting my hair done August 21. Know when
was the last time I got my hair done? May. I can't go every month cus I have to spend extra money on my brother. I had to wait 3 weeks when I called to make the appointment! I work 56
hours a week, 7 days a week for God's sake! Stop with the guilt!

Wanna know when my brother goes back to work? Me too. His boss and his bosses wife both called him yesterday. You think he's even asking the Dr. an ETA? I doubt that! Tell him you
have no income? Hello?

I'm going to be working at the old Po Po station tomorrow. Big whoop. I fucking hate that place. But I need the money. I forgot to say that last weekend, they drug a boy in for drunk driving, and he tested below the limits on the breathalizer when they hauled him in. He literally jumped up and down, and did a dance. It was the hilight of my evening. The only reason he got off was the guy was new and couldn't do the machine on his own, and by the time the K-9 guy got there to do it, he could've sobered up. He'd been in the station for 45 minutes, plus the drive time in the car. Lucky bastard.

Speaking of bastards. I talked to CP on Monday, and Wednesday. He seems to be doing good. Not much to say about it. Havn't heard from someone in a while. I think people say stuff to him about a relationship with me, and he backs off. I wish people would keep their noses out-my-bizzzness already!


Milly Moo said...

Throw OUT the scales - it's how you look and feel that's more important that the poxy numbers that roll around.... My day used to live or die by those horrible, evil numbers even though some of the gains or losses were completely inexplicable.

Wear what you want and enjoy feeling good in them :)

RR Johnson Jr. said...

If you look and feel sexy then workout only when you can. If you are completely naked in front of the bathroom mirror, you get sick and vomit then its time to workout.

People do have a bad habit of getting into other people's business. There's no way around that except to tell them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine.

QueenieCarly said...

I haven't spent a lot of time in my life dieting (although I probably should have) but that scale? Get rid of it. What's in a number? Unless it's 14. Congratulations!

EC said...

I loved the look on his face as well!! And don't worry, you don't miss too much on Showtime after dark. It didn't come on till 3 hours after the show ended - 12am EST so I missed that fight, but the one that they had later was good, but mostly it is just strategy talk... nothing really huge, but for me it is like watching my best friends now, lol. I'm truly addicted!

And don't you fret, you'll be getting that scale to move very soon - keep it up - you can do it!!