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Monday, August 06, 2007

You Know I'm Bad...

You should all know, that I am a force to be reckoned with. I got my phones for free this weekend. They came to my house on Friday, and I trucked my ass to the Sprint store to return them. Guess what is in their store for free? The same fucking phones. Guess what is on their website for free? The same fucking phones. Seriously? I didn't have to do much. They didn't make the mistake, and credited my account. Some other company called me, and 'acted like Sprint' which is apparently legal, since they sell Sprint phones. Good to know. Especially good to know, since they asked for the password to my account like Sprint does.

After that, I spent 30 minutes on hold with Sprint and was disconnected. Then, I spent another 30 minutes to get them connected, and be certain that I hadn't been charged. To accomplish this task, I had me and my brothers phones dialed in to customer service simultaneously, while I gave my dog a bath.

Mine is red, like this picture. So far, I suppose it's ok. it's smaller than a playing card. No antannea. It says there is a speaker phone but it's in some settings, not an easy access button. I don't like the buttons because they are flush, and make for hard texting. It has some cute screen savers, and animated menus. Theres also a camera, which takes shitty photos, but that's what a real camera is for.

I miss all my awesome ringers. How will I know when my booty call is ringing, without my Beyonce's "Naughty Girl"? No more Madonna. Edwin. Linkin Park. 50 Cent. Kelly Clarkson. Justin Timberlake. All gone. And I can't get them free anymore either, the site I used is not free. Anyone else know of free sites? I'm not above pirating. Wait, yes I am. It's illegal. I was just foolin'!

Saturday morning I was a good little girl, and I went on a bike ride before I got my snoozes from my double shift. I figured the morning is the best since it wasn't 150 degrees. And there wouldn't be many people out. I could be done with my workout and do what I had to get done for the day when I got up.

Apparently, this is also when super-marathon bikers are out. I'm trucking along at a nice pace, not too fast, not too slow. I hear "passing on the left" you know, the normal thing to say when you pass someone. As this dickhead passes he says "Stop swerving, Jesus Christ, do these people swerve like this in their cars?" Say wha? Last time I checked I was on the fucking towpath trail. Wide enough for 4 bikers wide. I wasn't swerving, and I was right along the right side almost in the grass. Eat it asshole. I decided I was going to flick him off when he came back my way. Superbike was going 15 mph and said his peice in passing.

He didn't ruin my day. It was pretty peaceful and riding alone gave me a chance to work on my form. Form? On a bike? yea, I learned this from Rachel. Paying close attention to keep myself straight, even peddling, steady pace. This apparently, works your entire body out. Instead of moving side to side when I pedal, It forced me to use my abs to sit still on top. Ouch. Good workout though! I forced myself to stay in low (high? whichever is harder) gear the entire time too. I also had the opportunity to make stupid scrunchy faces, and talk to myself saying things like "you are made of steel" and "you are strong". What? You don't say those things to yourself?
Poor you then. You are your own best cheerleader.

And, the ex "Z" called me Saturday. I could've gone over for a visit. But instead, I got to work all night. It's probably all for the best anyway. We're exes for a very....very good reason. I won't be online tomorrow. I know, you're so sad! I'll be at the mall. Working in one of our prestigious stores. Ha Ha Ha. Seriously though, I am going to work in a store for the day. It's suppose to help me better assist them when they call in. See, not only do I work for three VP's, I'm also support for the stores for 99% of what they need. Wish me luck. I hate people.


Bianca said...

Re: Free ringtones...be really careful with those. They sometimes come piggybacked with viruses, and of course your phone doesn't have any antivirus software on it. I know of which I speak. I used to work for Sprint tech support, and we had to tell people all the time "Sorry, a virus from 3rd party software broke your phone. No, we're not liable for that because we didn't produce the software so you're just going to have to get a new phone at this point."

QueenieCarly said...

I can't believe that dude passing didn't step up your workout in an effort to chase his ass down!

Ugh. Working in a store. Yuck. Good luck with that. Hope it was as painless as it can be.

QueenieCarly said...

Oh yeah... Edwin? As in the Canadian guy called Edwin? Funny, I don't know anyone even here who uses him as a ringtone. That's cool.

Mon said...

I got on the sprint site and ended up having some freebies available using a code! But that is good to know for the future.

I know, a store. bleh. Oh, Edwin McCain. He's from Greenville, SC in the states. A singer. I just love him to peices and peices.

RR Johnson Jr. said...

I don't think you hate people. You just hate idiots and no brainers...and probably guys who leave their brains in the tip of their manhoods....by the way thanks for your comments in my blog

Kentucky Girl said...

See, I'm a revengeful bitch who would injure myself just to get back at someone and I would have swerved my bike into him. I'd have taken his ass out. But uhm, yeah...like I said, I'm crazy.