"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Fluff n Stuff......

Thanks to everyone for their support. If we all pull together we could use our power for good. Or...something. But until then, the main happiness for me is.. Well. It is a mere EIGHT DAYS until I see my fabulous love Edwin McCain. My sister is probably offended that I always mention her second. I'm seeing my sister too. She's picking me up at the airport. Right...heh? Heh? And she also said she is sending me money for my ticket. Sooooo, that would put her first. Since technically Edwin doesn't know my name. Let alone would he shell out the money to buy my ticket. But, if he knew me he would love me. He's lucky he doesn't know me. He'd be in trouble!

They changed the schedule at the police station. Now, I work 3-11 this weekend. I am suppose to go pick up my mom in WV. I was going to go after sleeping from the midnight shift but where is the time working 3-11? That's the true shit shift. So I either have to get her Friday after the full time job, or Saturday really early in the morning. She has no service where she is in PA so I can't even call her ass. We're suppose to meet in the "middle" in WV. I think this is a ploy to go gambling at Mountaineer. I know her all too well.

I love this line from Kelly Clarkson's new song "Sober". "I picked all my weeds, but kept my flowers". It's really pretty if you think about the positive changes you make in your life.

Well, I have 2 VP's on vacation. And one traveling. And the two managers are in off-site training. So, I'm free today. How about that? There is career development school here. Which is the managers from the stores. They are on a tour. Some asshole just said "monica lewinsky?". Get over it! It's only 80 fucking years old now. I need to sue that bitch for defamation or something!

P.S. While you are an adorable couple Jesssica and Eric, you are stupid and your time will be cut short on Big Brother since you didn't back door Dick or Danielle. Idiots. Gawd.

P.S.S. Someone is going to look at a car tomorrow. Someone has the chance of a cheaper payment and lower miles and a newer car. Someone is happy and nervous. Someone doesn't like the fact that she is going alone to the car dealer. Someone might ask a friend to go with her! Someone needs good luck! Someone has to clean her car out tonight!


babylamb said...

First time commenting here. But I found you about 4 months ago.
A new car how exciting.
My advise for you is do your home work. Find out what the vehicle you are going to purchase is worth and what the vehicle you are trading in is worth. Don't spend any more than you have to. Unless you are currently financing what you are going to trade in. Than you may have some negative equity in it that will roll over. But don't pay anymore than you have to.
Also remember you are the one in control at the dealership not the sales person. Walk away if needed.
Also don't let them make you feel like crap because your credit isn't great... I don't know if it is or isn't but that's just one of their many sales techniques.

Kentucky Girl said...

How exciting though to get to see your sister AND you favorite celeb crush! FWEE! Awesome!

I agree with the uhm, Eric and Jessica thing. Holy crap what idiots to trust that pair. Dumb Dumb Dumb.

Good luck on the car thing!

Mon said...

If I had a bell I'd ring it first time commenter, ding ding ding!
I actually trust the guy I'm going to, it's my second car...a few people I know have gone repeatedly to him. And, It helps that I don't HAVE to get a car, I'm just looking to save some cash flow!

I know, BB will be a goooood one tonight! I can't wait to see what happens. Thanks with the luck I surely need it!