"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Monday, August 13, 2007

Washed Up..

While I was working this weekend, I took a break from U-tubing and reading scripts of Big Brother 8 long enough to update my Match.com profile. You know, for shits and giggles. I searched for guys my age in the area, and know what I found? I'm too old for guys my age. They all want women 21-28. Grown men at 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36. I swear! And you notice, I'm 31, and my age range went up to 36? I think I need to find me an 18 year old man. Why am I washed up at my age? Why do I have to date a man in his 40's? See why I don't do the internet dating thing? I'm already depressed about it.

CP signed up to do this sample thing in stores. You know, "would you like to try....." those people are from another company. I signed up but they never called me back. He had some jobs coming up but of course, he's in rehab, and can't do them. I opened up the boxes from his back to school promotion. Inside, I found 250 bags of microwaveable hamburger helper. Just add water. I took them upstairs and put them right in my pantry. I'm not the one going down for it, he is. Fuckit. In about a week, my brother will be bitching that "all i have to eat is hamburger helper" I'd love to kick him in the fucking nads for real you have no idea. None.

When I got home Sunday, He'd eaten half a carton of ice cream, three burritos, a box
of hamburger helper, half a loaf of bread and half the egg salad I made. That is from the hours of 11pm-7am when most normal people would be sleeping. I don't get it. Im not buying anything anymore. I kind of chuckled to myself as he had the massive sweaty shits all night last night. I thought, thats what you get. I'm not mean. You take him for a week. Please.

The landlord calls me last night. She says "the bank needs to come thru your apartment, it's routine and they do it every so often. Your apartment is one of the ones they want to see". What is so special about my apartment? Why didn't my neighbor/friend get a call? Why is this the second time in a year the landlord had "the bank" come thru the complex? Why did she move to North Carolina? This can only mean, she is either A) raising the rent. Again. or B) selling the joint. I'm betting she is selling it. Either way, I'm fucked. I have not even $10 saved up. I can't move, and I can't pay more in rent. Somethings gotta give. And I'm thinking, it's buying shit for my brother. Period. I'm totally freaked out about moving. My lease is up in March, if she raises the rent again, I have no choice but to leave.

God please send my brother back to work. I'm begging.


RR Johnson Jr. said...

Step 1: Tell your brother that rent isn't free. Make him clean the toilet, kitchen, floor, refrigerator, etc if he's not going to pay anything, or he files for unemployment money and gives you some....period!

Step 2: I wish I lived close to you because I'd ask you out for a date. At least you'd get free dinner and a movie if nothing clicked between us.

Step 3: When the bank shows up have your brother answer the door in the nude. He can tell the bank that he's a bonafide nudist and that it's in the privacy of your home.

Kentucky Girl said...

Isn't he like...better now? I mean enough to go back to work at least part-time? That would get really old with me really fast. But then again, I'm kinda bitchy and I'd have never taken anyone on in the first place.

EC said...

LOL at the Hamburger Helper - I would have totally done the same exact thing!!

That sucks about the apartment - she is totally selling it. I used to be a property manager and we did that as well. It is probably the appraiser seeing how much it is worth. why couldn't she just be hoenst with you?? UGH - well, you have until March. Between all of us we can figure out someway to help you :)

RR Johnson Jr. said...

If you're really really bored I am writing a novel at this website:

maybe that will cheer you up!

Frances said...

Oh man Hamburger Helper is one of my comfort foods.
250 bags would make me feel rich.
Hope everything goes well with the landlord situation.
Saying a little prayer regarding the brother situation.
Take care,

Jen R. said...

WOW does he eat! I don't know how it can be so different that boys can eat all that, not lift a finger, and not turn into huge fat blimps. I know you are busting your butt working out 5 days a week and while I'm not that diligent, I do at least 3 days a week because just eating like a normal person I'd get big if I didn't. Life is not fair!

Mon said...

At least you had me LOL! I needed that! Well, move closer, to take me out. I'm a good date =). I'm thinking that the screaming will commence this week about him doing stuff around the house. I mean, it's not that hard!
And, I get really bored working wknds, I'll check that out. It'll give me something to pass the time!

i know,k right? it's been going on since MAY for God's sake. MAY. I like my space. Geeeez!

I know, honesty is like, a thing with me. I hate liars! I'm not sure what I'll do. I do know if she wants to evict me, it'll take several months, and I could save up the rent and not pay her. LOL. but then, good luck getting another landlord to rent to me!

Thank you, i need all the help i can get!

Jen R:
no doubt! I bust my butt and barely eat anything bad to lose weight and he eats seemingly 24/7 and hes wearing his same clothes! Why did we get so screwed in life?