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Friday, August 03, 2007

No Hablo American-o....

I got a call from Sprint Customer service Tuesday night. Let me first say, I've been with Sprint for 6 years and I've had no problem with them. I have a very cheap monthly payment, because of my ex boyfriend. Every 2 years I sign a new contract, and get a free phone when I do. I always got fast, easy service etc...

So, they call me, stating that it's time to renew my contract, so they are going to send me a new phone, for re-signing a 2 year agreement. Sweet, I think, because I don't have to go to the store now. I got one for my brother also, who is also on my account. It's my brothers birthday so I text him happy b-day this morning, and it comes back with an error.

I call his phone from my work phone, its out of service. So is my phone. I'm pissed. I get online to check my account information, and it says that I owe $226 on my account. My limit is $200 before they shut it off. So, I call Sprint.

Sprint: "your account is over the limit so it was shut off. A payment of $59 was made yesterday, so it will be turned back on in about 20 minutes"

Me: I didn't make a payment yesterday.

Sprint: Somebody did with an American Express card.

Me: I don't even have an Amex card.

Sprint: Someone else who has access to your account did it.

Me: No one else has access to it. I made a payment of $70 on 7/18, which was my total balance. Making my balance 0. My next payment isn't due until 8/27 so, how is my account up to $226 in two weeks?

I went on to tell her the story about the call and the free phones. She read the notes on my account, and told me that I was in fact, charged for the "free phones". They were $200 with a $150 rebate, so $50 per phone.

Me: I don't want them if they aren't free. Stop them from coming to my house. I don't want to deal with the hassel of returning them.

Sprint: I'll write this all in your account, I'll transfer you to customer service to get the phones from coming to your house.

Ok, so I'm then on hold for 20 minutes. Seriously. Waiting for the line to go through. I said to my co-worker, I better not wind up in India after this fucking wait. Cus sometimes, you get to California. Mexicans are way easier to understand than Indians. Um, I think it's cus they live in America. You know, where I reside. Where the headquarters for Sprint is located? Ok?

Who picks up? An Indian. I don't understand a fucking thing but bits and phrases. It went something like this. All with an Indian accent of course.

Indian: "I'm sorry Mohneekah....Mohneekah....Li...Lis...Miss...Mohneekah....May I call you Mohneekah? You certainly don't deserve to go through this. I understand your frustration"

Seriously? Any moron can read a script and repeat word for word what to say. Why exactly is it that they outsource those jobs? Can't you pay some dipshit $8/hour to do that right here in the USA. They make bank over there to read scripts.

Anything I said to this dude, got a scripted answer, meaning, I got nowhere. He didn't understand that I hadn't received the phones, therefore I had no invoice number. No order number. I was mislead, lied to, and I wanted something for it. I said I'm not going thru the inconvenience of returning phones that were suppose to be free.

Indian: "you dont have to pay for these phones, it will be credited to your account"

Me: You don't understand, now, I have to go out of my way to return phones, that were suppose to be free. I have to waste gas and time that I don't have because I was misled.

Indian: I'm sorry Miss Mohneekah, you certainly don't deserve to go through this. He kept putting me on hold to check information. A.k.a "search for new answers in the script" Since I didn't have an order number, he couldn't stop the order from coming to my house.

Me: Someone from your department called my house and solicited my re-signing a contract. They called both my lines, and you are acting like you know nothing about it? Someone needs to tell them not to give false information out to your customers.

But you can't really try to reason with a person who has no idea what you are saying. And follows whatever you say with "I understand your frustration".

An hour and 10 minutes later, I hung up on the stupid bastard. Sure, its not his fault he's stupid. It's Sprint's fault for sending jobs to people in another country and thinking that dealing with them is going to stop people from calling and bitching. uh-uh. Not this girl. I'm calling them back on my own time. And, I'm going to get something for my troubles. I want to be sure they didn't sign me back up for service, because when I do go to sign back up, I need to be without a
contract, to get a phone deal. What's the world come to?

Speaking of the world. Did you hear about that lady who had her 17th kid? Seven-Teen? Natural. Children. All I can think of, is can you imagine what her va-jay-jay looks like? Let's add that to the list, shall we? Reason #857,098,124 not to have kids. They ruin your girlie parts. I firmly believe this is why men with kids cheat. I can say that, cus I don't have a husband, or kids. And, cus I'm a bitch.


Anonymous said...

Hey Bitch:)

Don't stop calling Sprint till all is straightened out. No doubt you are going to get the phones and be billed for them. As for the final remarks of your posting, too much informaiton for me!!

Good luck with Sprint

Mindy said...

having to deal with people who you cant understand is the worst. I hope you get this straightened out!!

RR Johnson Jr. said...

As you say maybe you are a bitch but after looking at your picture I think you should correct that to.."good looking bitch."

Anonymous said...

Had to deal with a similar issue w/ a different cell phone company. The rep, who was of course Indian, actually said "It say here I sorry..." Well gee, that makes me feel SO much better!

Mon said...

are you my mother? I did get it all straightened out. Sweet.

seriously. if we wanted to be misunderstood we could go to their country for that.

rr johnson:
*blushing* are you my mother? kidding.....thank you.

ms. sarcastic:
now, THAT is pretty sad! lol.