"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, August 02, 2007

If I Closed My Eyes Forever....

I'm. So. Tired. I had another meeting with my boss today. Things went really well. We talked about my personal issues, that I keep her in the loop with, and she said she wanted to thank me for not letting it affect my job. She said I don't ask for pity, and you would never know I was going through anything, and that says a lot about my character. My character. I have it.

She said a lot of people would talk about their problems, and use them as an excuse to let their work suffer, but I should be commended for keeping it together. I then told her how I created a macro with a long drawn out count if statement in excel in this report she use to do, and gave to me. It use to require me to manually look for certain numbers in a horizontal row, and count if it was over/under a certain limit. Manually takes forever. I simplified it and now it does it all on its own. What use to take an hour, now takes five minutes. She was totally impressed that I took the initiative to do it, and thanked me profusely.

She likes how I think, and said that I should work on perfecting it, and use it on a couple other files we do monthly as a group, and she could get the training room booked and I could teach the other girls how to do it. And that I should be proud of what I did. Me. Proud. I told her I really enjoy my job and I was worried I wouldn't ever find another place I liked to go to every day when I lost my last job. Which, is true.

This morning the dog wasn't limping. I hope she is better and its not temporary. I got her some doggie asperin, and brewers yeast. I thought her foot would explode it was so red and swollen. It's the yeast. It's never gotten that bad. I was up at midnight out of bed, soaking her in cool baking soda water for 15 minutes. I swear. Kids require so much time. It's not nearly as bad today. Thank God.

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