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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Where I Love My Cushy Desk-Job....

Uh, retail. Yea, so, I'm exhausted. Let me say that I am happy with my career path. The one where I get to come into the air conditioning, have a fan on if I want. Wear sandals, without pantyhose, and pants. Drink all the water I want, sit down, pee when I need to. Surf the internet on lunch, and have access to email. Not listen to the general public scream, and yell, and watch mall walkers. I did learn that there are an incredible amount of people that don't work during the day, and have an incredible amount of jewelry. Bastards.

I liked learning how they make a sale. How they prepare for customer events. Why it's important for instance, that I keep the store list up-to-date. I do that report every week, and I don't realize just how many people use it. How they divide up their daily sales among all the employees. How it's sometimes difficult to make sales, with all of the other things they have to do.

I had fun too, I got to pretend that I was getting engaged, and my coworker was my best friend. We had a presentation of one of our *exclusive to my company so I wont name it here* diamonds. I picked out a 1.5 carat princess cut, because we didn't have emerald (my fave). I found out all the interesting facts that come with a certified diamond. I got to look at it under the gemscope, and how to spot flaws, vs. natural creations in a diamond. The sales girl was sad that in the end I opted for a 1 carat ring, because 1.5 was just too much. I did pair it with a really nice band though, that had lots of pretty sparklies. We also got to go around the store on a scavenger hunt and find 1 of each gemstone, and gold or silver peice. Then since it wasn't busy, we got to see the numbers so we could have our employee store look the price up for us.

At the end of the day, my feet were numb. My thighs were burning from the pantyhose/being hot/walking so much. I think the ladies know what I mean....? I learned just how powerful my position is, being the assistant to the VP. I guess I take it for granted. I like that every single VP in my department, started at a store as a sales associate. I think this is why they are so cool, and down to earth. Working your way up should be the only way to go in any company.

The best part? I went OUT for lunch. To Ruby Tuesdays. I had a turkey burger, and white cheddar mashed potatos. I wish I could eat that forever. As I sit here and eat my ravioli with no sauce, and hard-boiled egg.

I feel bad for all of you that have to work with the public every day. I couldn't do it. I couldn't stand, dress up, be pushy, or polite for 8 hours a day. Today, I had a field partnership class when I got back to the office, which pretty much went over what I learned at the store. It was another required class.

We did an activity where we split into groups and had 1 color lego in each group. Each lego group had a certain rule. Ours, was not to give our lego to the distributor, until he asked three times. Another was each person had to touch the lego first. Another had to wait 15 seconds after they were asked to give a lego. Another group, had to get the legos from each of us to make 1 part with 3 colored legos. In the end we each said the other was difficult to work with. The distributor didn't know why he didn't get the legos when he asked for them, and he was frustrated, as were we, because he didn't know we HAD to make him ask three times. In the end, it taught us that we have rules we have to adhere to, that the field doesn't understand. It was a neat way to learn that.

And then, today, I have my mid-year review. We have a LOT of reviews here. And a LOT of feedback, but I like it. The other meetings are just one-on-ones. This is an actual review. Where I am scored and stuff.


RR Johnson Jr. said...

Sounds interesting Mon. If you ever get lucky and find a good man (like me) he better buy you an emerald! I also hope your mid year review turned out better than you expected.

sir jorge said...

you had me at pantyhose....

seriously though, that's a cool job..my job makes my eyes burn and hurts my wrists..but I don't have to wear anything in particular. I can roll in with an offensive word on my shirt, or boxers or anything! and work...or take the option of working from home.

momma said...

And to think, I had to leave my job to come home and drag your ass out of bed when you played hookey from school, explain "things" to detectives, rescue you in the middle of the night when the limo driver kicked your party out, and face the old lady next door after you mooned her...I could go on but I will be nice...

Mon said...

I'm glad you think so! Thank you! I think he should to....now finding him is the key.

sir jorge:
i'm totally jealous! ive always wanted to work sans a dress code!

see, and you probably thought i was destined to be a hooker or a hoodlum. I'm the model child!

Janet said...

I don't know if I could ever do retail. Customer service itself was bad enough. Then again, as a teacher I suppose I'm still in customer service to an extent. I'm here to tell you though, the customer is DEFINITELY not always right!