"Choosing trust over doubt gets me burned once in a while, but I'd rather be singed than hardened." -Victoria Monfort

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Old Man is Snoring...

It sure is raining. I stood outside under a patio umbrella, with my own umbrella up, and still managed to get soaked up to my knees. That addiction thing is pretty sick! It's rained pretty much every day, but yet, the humidity is still 100% and it's 90 degrees. I've had it. This is Ohio.

Does anyone watch Mind Control with Derren Brown? This show is pretty awesome. It's some of the stuff Criss Angel does on Mindfreak, without the "magic" aspect. Derren will get people to give him their belongings, and think nothing of it until they leave his presence. On one episode he planted subliminal messages into a sleep study, and woke the man up, to see his own dream. He said he was dreaming about sheep, in a hospital, and he created that scenerio, and the guy was pretty freaked out when he woke up into his dream. He can get people to stop on the street by willing them to do so. He also has regular people do it too. It's some Jedi mind trick shit.

He claims he has no psychic ability, and it's just his ability to read people. It sort of makes me re-think my whole belief in psychics at all. Same with Criss Angel. You should really check out Derren Brown, it's amazing.

I love love loved the new Real World. Those bastards were at Bondi Beach in Australia. Um, who wants to go to Bondi Beach? I do! It is on the trip itinerary that I want to take to Australia. Freaking bastards! Plus, the people are gonna be fighting all the time. I love me some TV drama!

I'm still loving Big Brother. I really don't want Eric to go home. Dick and Danielle are pissing me off. I hate when people act cocky like they have shit in the bag. That's when people need to turn the tables, and piss them right off. I can't wait to see what happens tonight! Although, it's raining so they will likely cut into the whole fucking thing with weather reports.

Sadly, the most exciting thing going on with me is TV. Oh, aside from the fact that I got 3 points away from being "exceeds all expectations" on my mid-year review. What I have to work on is proofing. My boss told me I have the demeanor and technical ability to go places with this company. I can't wait to get there, and I sure hope the pay is good.


Kentucky Girl said...

I don't want Eric to leave either! *whines*

It isn't raining here but it has been cold. :(

And congrats on the 3 pts away! That isn't to be taken lightly! And now you know exactly where to improve...sounds like your boss wants you to succeed...which is kinda rare in this age. :)

AMPlifier said...

Um, try having it rain so hard that all the public transportation goes to sh*t and so you're forced to - poor me - stay home from work.

(I'm not bragging or anything. Really.)


RR Johnson Jr. said...

You're only three points away from exceeding all expectations. That just goes to show you that you're not perfect but 'damn close' you good looking person!

EC said...

I know, I'm whining too! I love Eric - maybe because it is totally not his fault, it is America's fault... it sucks. him and Jess are so cute together! D & D are totally pissing me off and I was all for them in the beginning - oh how the world changes in big brother, lol.

QueenieCarly said...

It's funny. I watched the first episode of Big Brother, my first episode ever at the prompting of my girlfriend at work. She's crazy for it! I didn't mind it, but I didn't like it enough to watch it again. The funny thing is that I can't resist asking her what's going on so I know everything about everyone, I just haven't invested the time.

That mind control shit sounds cool! I'm going to have to try to find that on my channels. I already wish I had me some of that power.

Mon said...

Yayyy he stays he stays! I know, i was shocked i got that high! I just do my job, and be myself. amazing that its recognized!

you from NY? Some of my vps were there and got stranded! lol.

lol. close to perfect...i dunno about that, my professional life is way better than my personal life! i got it together at work.

ME TOO! i liked d&d until this week, they pissed me off with their cockiness!

its an addiction for me. I think having a show on 3 nights a week is the best idea ever. That's the biggest appeal to me! I have a serious television problem!