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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

TITMT Do You Believe?...

I had a date last night with CP. We went out for Chinese food. My entire body is bloated into misery today. How do people eat salt every day? I mean, in those quantities? God! No thank you! We headed on over to the theater and saw SAW III. Freaking aweseome! I heard that this series was a trilogy, but I dunno! I guess it's the Freddy and Jason thing, they can always come back? But yea, 'jigsaw' gets a little fucked up in this one, and stops giving people the chance to escape. Oddly enough you're like, 'hey that's not fair'.....but was it really fair in the other movies??

Today's Tell It To Me Tuesday Question from Janet is short and sweet "Do you believe in ghosts?"

Yes, I believe in ghosts. Kinda like people believe in God. Where's the proof? I find it to be a feeling, a faith. I belong to a ghost hunting group, and we seek ghosts out. I've done the all night trips to Mansfield Reformatory. Which are by far my favorite. The inside is being restored, but most of it reminds me of film of the titanic. Peeling paint, that 'abandoned' feel. You show up around 9 and you walk around the prison in the dark by yourself until the sun comes up. The place is big enough that you can be all by yourself, which makes for an incredible experience. I've gotten that 'being watched' feeling, but never caught anything on film or tape. Another interesting fact, is that Shawshank Redemption was filmed there.

On one particular night at the prison, a friend's boyfriend complained about not experiencing anything first hand, and we were the only people left, besides 1 car in the lot. When we got to the car, it wouldn't start. We were trying for about 20 minutes, freaked out because we were alone there, and then it just started. My friend tried to blame me because I bought a souvenier spoon from the gift shop, that she swore was haunted. I didn't say it, ok?

I was going to upload all sorts of pictures from my prison hunts, but we'll blame that on the man, for leaving me, and not being around to scan anything for me.

Last Halloween I spent the evening at Longwood Manor with some people from my ghost hunting group. This is an ongoing investigation, with tons of evidence. There have been first hand accounts of a child singing, and it's been recorded on evp's. There is also a ghost cat. If nothing else, it is an interesting place to investigate in the dark.

I also did an all nighter at Rogues Hollow. Where we spent a lot of time in the cabin experiencing activity with the dowsing rods, crystals, and emf.

As for personal experiences, we grew up in a haunted house. I was a baby still when we lived there, in Kenmore, Ohio. But my Mom tells stories about yelling at us to go to sleep, hearing children running around upstairs, and we were all in bed. A ball bouncing, and a dog that barked and growled at a particular chair. My sister saw a man when she was little, and asked my Mom who he was. The neighbors behind us, had weird things happen too. When my sister was out of high school, she moved in with her friend in that house. There was a man there that would show up in her bedroom.

When I lived with Those we don't speak of, I'm convinced his house was haunted. I didn't feel right from the day I moved in that place. I had horrible dreams. I never slept. I had to take prescription sleeping pills to stay asleep, I'd wake up on average 10 times a night.

His house was over 100 years old. The basement had dirt floors. God only knows what was buried in them. One day I was planting an aster bush, and kept trying to dig out this big 'rock'. I called him to come help me get it out, but it wasn't a rock at all. It was a tombstone. The first of many that I found in that yard. They were from the 1800's. First, the dumbass said they were halloween props. Then he said 'they moved all the bodies'. Because you know, it's easier to move bodies, and leave headstones, than it is to move the headstones and act like there are no bodies.

We got into several HUGE fights over that situation. I was disgusted that people would just build right over a cemetary no matter how old it is. He didn't believe it was a cemetary. Didn't want to even talk about it. Finally, he had a guy from the water department come out and dowse the yard, and they detected something every 6 feet. The guy that lived in the house before he bought it, tried to burn his garage down several times. The garage is where we found most of the headstones.

The funny thing about this is, he contacted a lawyer about the whole thing to see if he could get the previous owner in trouble, and now it's on record that he knows there use to be a cemetary there. That's what the research uncovered. Nice, right? So when he sells the house he has to disclose it.

Weird things that happened. Well I always felt someone in the basement. Call me crazy, I would NOT go down there when I was home alone. The cats wouldn't even use the litter box down there, and the dog wouldn't go near the door. There was an addition built onto the house, of the kitchen, and bathroom on the back side. And my one cat would never cross the 'invisible line' between the rooms without jumping over it, or backing up frantically and running off. It wasn't normal neurotic cat stuff. It was so bad, that I had her eyes checked out at the vet. Who told me it was normal neurotic cat stuff, and her eyes were fine. Whatever. She has never done that since moving out of that house.

It interests me to think there is another world besides the one we live in. And I don't even think I mean heaven or hell. From everything I've read on the topic, I choose to believe there is another world like ours, only we're not in it until we die.

What do you believe?


Celina said...

I have never experienced something like that (at least that I'm aware of), so I don't know if I really believe it. I have heard lots of stories (mostly from R's family--boy, oh, boy do the Phelps' LOVE telling ghost stories!) and would be kinda "interested" in experiencing it for myself. Of course, R gets mad when I say that b/c he says that I'm "Inviting" SOMETHING to happen to me. I'm easy to startle, but not to scare, and I like the cheezy "jump-out-at-you" halloween haunted houses. I've been on one "ghost walk" in St. Augustine, Fl, and enjoyed it (but didn't see/feel anything creepy). Oh, and I've been in an old civil war fort prison and abandoned train tunnel where I felt a little "weird."
Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!

supplymadam said...

Wow that is some spooky stuff.
I believe in some things like reincarnation because I would like to hope I come back as a dog that has a sucker like me for an owner.

Natsthename said...

Interesting! I, however, believe that these things come forth from within us. I'm not into any of the paranormal stuff at all!

Janet said...

At least you didnt see evidence of Jesus in your screen door. Now THOSE people are scary!:)